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Thread: Jack Santore

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    Jack Santore


    Superstar Name: Jack Santore
    Height [Feet]: 6'4"
    Weight [LBS]: 225 lbs.
    Billed From: Queens, New York
    Pic Base: Luke Rockhold


    Character: Scrappy, former high school football player, former MMA fighter that now has his sights set on making it in pro wrestling and becoming a champion.
    Entrance Music: DMX- "The Rain"
    Style Of Wrestling: All Arounder, Brawler, Puroresu
    Ring Psych: Always tries to wear down an opponent with quick strikes and take downs.
    Finishing Maneuver: "Queens Boulevard"-Even Flow DDT
    Bread & Butter: DDT, German Suplex, Full Nelson Slam, Underhook Suplex
    Signature Maneuvers: Step-Up Enzugiri, Double Arm DDT
    Attack Moves: Shoulder Tackle, Forearm Smash, Question Mark Kick
    Hold Moves: Rear-naked choke, Cobra Clutch, Anaconda Vice
    Throw Moves: Over head belly-to-belly suplex, Bulldog, Fisherman Suplex
    Ring Strengths: Good with strikes and quick kicks
    Ring Weaknesses: Sometimes unprepared for high-flying wrestlers



    Aggression: 55
    Attention Span: 70
    Intelligent: 70
    Pain Threshold: 80
    Pure Of Heart: 90
    Reflexes: 50
    Sneakiness: 30
    Teamworker: 60


    Aerial: 25
    Fitness: 65
    Grapple: 70
    Speed: 60
    Strengths: 65
    Strikes: 90
    Submissions: 50
    Technical: 20


    Number #1 Fan: Little E
    Chants: "Let's Go Jack" "QB! QB!"
    Back Story: Jack was a high school football player that was headed for a top college before being injured in the title game. He went onto compete in MMA for a few years and was about to go pro, before the same old football knee injury forced him to re-think his career and head to pro wrestling once his knee was healed.


    Segments Handled By: Staff
    Using My Supporting Characters: Sure
    Matches: Summarize mine
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