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    Chapter 6: AJ Winters Vs Chris Kenway

    LOCATION: AJ Winter's Childhood Home, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Date: December 20th, 2016

    AJ Winters is shown sitting in his room, playing his Xbox One console with a noise cancelling headset on. Under his shirt, the outline of an icepack wrapped around his back can be seen as he continues his recovery. The doorbell can be heard ringing in the house and a female voice calls out, "I'll get it!" as AJ is oblivious to the noise downstairs as his mother, Katie, gets the door. The camera cuts to the open door as the scene downstairs can be seen. Max Wolfe is seen standing in the doorway of the home.

    Katie Winters: Oh, Max! So great to see you, please, come in!

    Max Wolfe: Thank you, Katie. Nice to see you as well.

    Max steps in and shakes the hand of AJ's father, Paul.

    Max Wolfe: Nice to see you too, Paul.

    AJ's father nods his head as Max and his parents sit on the couch. The audio of the stream cuts to the sounds from AJ's video game as he shoots at some bad guys. Shooting people left and right until everyone is dispersed of and there's a moment of silence before a scream loud enough to be heard through the headphones comes from downstairs.

    Paul Winters: AJ! Get down here now!

    AJ sighs and takes off the headphones, putting his phone in his pocket and heads down the stairs, stopping dead in his tracks as he sees Max Wolfe sitting across from his parents on the couch. His father looks angry while his mother is showing signs on tearing up. Max on the other hand looks happy and has small smile on his face.

    AJ Winters: What the fuck is going on?

    Paul gets up and approaches AJ as he gets to the bottom of his stairs.

    Paul Winters: What the fuck is going on? AJ, I should be asking you the same fucking question. What the fuck is this?

    AJ's dad shoves a piece of paper in his face, the same papers that the dean and Max showed

    Paul Winters: Fucking steroids, AJ? Are you fucking kidding?

    AJ Winters: Dad, I can explain, it's fucking Max! He's setting me up.

    AJ looks at his dad in complete disbelief.

    Paul Winters: Fucking bullshit AJ, Max has been helping you this whole time, he's turned you into the greatest prospect in college baseball today. Not anymore AJ! All that hard work is fucking worthless now.

    Max Wolfe: It's true AJ, I've just been trying to help you. But I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.

    AJ Winters: You son of a bitch...

    AJ clenches his fist and pushes past his father and looks to punch Max but is restraint by his father, who holds him against the wall which makes his mother cry.

    Katie Winters: Paul, stop!

    Paul turns to his mother and holds his hand up.

    Paul Winters: Shut it Katie, I'm dealing with this.

    Katie whimpers as he turns back to AJ who struggles as his larger father presses him up against the wall.

    Paul Winters: What the fuck is wrong with you, AJ? You've officially fucked your baseball career. Not to mention all this money you now owe to the University.

    AJ Winters: You're actually going to belive this piece of fucking shit over me? Seriously, Dad?

    Paul Winters: How am I supposed to feel knowing that you lied to me. Saying you took a semester off for your injury when in reality you fucking lied! You got suspended by the school. What the fuck else have you been lying to me about?

    AJ shakes his head.

    AJ Winters: Nothing, I swear.

    Paul Winters: Bullshit, AJ.

    Paul relieves the pressure on AJ but still stands between him and Max.

    Paul Winters: I want you out AJ. By the time I come back from work tomorrow, I want you gone.

    AJ Winters: You can't be serious, Dad? You're kicking me out? Max is fucking lying to you!

    Max Wolfe: Really. And I guess the dean is lying too?

    AJ leans out behind his father and points at Max.

    AJ Winters: You fucking shut it, Max.

    Max Wolfe: AJ, I gave you time to come clean but you never did. I'm sorry I had to do this.

    AJ catches his father off guard, pushing past his father and punching Max straight across the face, knocking his glasses off.

    AJ Winters: Fuck you Max!

    AJ yells as he gets pulled back by his dad and gets pushed into the doorway.

    Paul Winters: Get the fuck out AJ, now! I've had enough of you. Just fucking leave!

    AJ goes to complain but the door is slammed and locked in his face. AJ sighs and walks away, turning back to see a bloodied but smirking Max, standing in the window with a towel to his nose. He simply waves to AJ before Paul closes the curtain.

    __________________________________________________ _

    The camera turns on and shows a familiar scene as AJ Winters exits a taxi in front of his childhood home. Now foreclosed by the bank, it's empty inside. He steps out of his car but gets a notification on his phone for a voicemail. He plays it and holds it to his ear.

    "Um, AJ? Hi, this is Penelope. Merry Christmas and stuff! But, I wanted to, like, tell you. You know you have to fight Chris in January? Um, well, there was an older man who asked me and Chris to bet against your match against Branson. So I couldn't go another, like, second without saying to you that, um, I think you must be careful about the match and stuff. I think they want Branson to win."

    AJ smirks as he listens.

    "So be careful in your match against Kenway and stuff. And Merry Christmas! And a Happy Happy New Year. Bye!"

    AJ grabs the phone, locking it as he stands in silence and looks at the front door of the home.

    Creepy old man, walking around backstage at ACW, encouraging people to bet against me? Sounds a lot like Max to me. Trying to taking advantage of me yet again I see and bringing in Penelope and Chris Kenway to get in on the fun?

    AJ walks up to the front door and reaches for a key he always had stashed under the porch. He opens the front door and looks around at the empty house.

    Ah, Chris Kenway. The next name to be added to my list of victims. A man I've had the pleasure of facing in the ring before. The lion, as he likes to call himself, he's got a big roar but when it comes down to it, he couldn't get it done when it mattered the most.

    AJ walks into the bathroom and looksa round, turning to a mirror and looks into it, speaking into it as if he's looking eye to eye with Chris Kenway himself.

    You know Chris, you and Max aren't too different. You both take advantage of people who trust you, use them for monetary gain, and throw them aside. Just like Max, you've made some powerful enemies. What is it that they chant, every time you make your way out to the ring?

    AJ smirks and chants in a monotone voice.

    Hey, hey... ho, ho... the dick of Wall Street has got to go...

    AJ laughs and sits down on the edge of the tub. He flicks on the lights but the bulb flickers and cuts out.

    I've done all the research that I need, Chris. Your firm is crashing and burning, investors dropping left and right, protestors outside the building chanting from sunrise to sunset. You've really fucked over a lot of people Kenway, that much is clear. I bet you really would like to change your fortunes around with a big win versus the top dog in ACW. You've been on a decent winning streak, I'll give you that. Masked Mark, Rex Sampson? They're big time players over in some wrestling promotion called VIVA or whatever, and you submitted them like it was nothing. Very impressive.

    AJ gives a sarcastic slow clap.

    Well, impressive for others maybe. But for me? Not so impressive. Sampson? Masked Mark? They're nothing more than guppies. Little guys who won't come to nothing in this company. Not as long as I'm around, at least.

    AJ sits up from the tub and takes the stairs. The shot showing the same angle of AJ walking down the stairs before he was kicked out from home.

    You see Kenway, I've got eyes past this match. I've got my rematch lined up versus Branson Younger and I'm eagerly waiting for my chance to right the wrongs, and capture what is rightfully mine. The Ace Championship.

    AJ frowns as he reminisces on his failed opportunity. And how close he came to winning it. He enters his room and sits down on his bed, looking at the headphones on the bed, not even touched in the 2 years since he left. His room is completely the same since the last time he set foot in there.

    Because just like those people who protest outside the Mohegan Lionsgate, just like the people who yell at you as you make your way to the ring, I've been fucked over before. And not just by Max. Arlen promised a fair and decisive match and only delivered unorganized chaos and an indecisive victor. And even with that huge mess, I was still within inches of being the first champion in ACW history. I'm much looking forward to settling this and earning my championship that was unfairly ripped from my fingers. I'm so close to my next shot at the championship and I want this to be a convincing victory. I want everyone to understand and realize that I deserve a second chance on winning that championship. And when the time comes, I won't make any mistakes, I will win that championship. I want everyone I've upset to believe in me again. I want to wrong the rights. I want to feel whole once again. I miss my family. This isn't my home anymore, Ace Championship Wrestling is my new home but I can't help but to miss this place.

    AJ slams his fist down on the bed and remembers December 20th, the last time he saw his mother or father. He hasn't been in contact with them since.

    All that starts by beating you down, Chris. Don't take my focus on the future as me not preparing for the present. What's happening now is the lion, Chris Kenway, looking to knock off the best wrestler in Ace Championship Wrestling. Trying to establish himself in the main event scene. Unfortunately for you, it's not going to happen on my watch. Despite that minor setback for the Ace Championship, I'm the hottest wrestler in ACW today. No one can beat me. I'm fresh off a big triple threat victory versus Wes Kringle and Penelope. You know, the girl who beat you? It was an easy victory for me. Just like the easy victory that Jackie and I had against you and your buddy Tyler. And even then I had Jackie weighing me down.

    AJ smirks, reminding himself of the victory over Kenway and Keenan as he pulls a duffle bag out from his closet. He opens it and inside is several small stacks of 20 dollar bills which he stuffs in his pockets. The closet is shown to be full, showing that AJ never came back to get his stuff. He grabs some favorite clothes of his and shoves them in the duffle bag and zips it closed.

    The last time we stepped into the ring together, you got to see me at half capacity then. I didn't get to shine nearly as much as I want to. But now, there's nothing stopping me from showing you exactly what I'm capable of in that ring. What makes me the most dominant wrestler in the company, the guy who's defeated nearly every single wrestler he's stood in the ring with. You're a numbers guy Chris, so you'll know as good as anyone that the odds are not in your your favor. You can bet all you want, put your life savings on it, bring down your goons and whoever to even the odds but the numbers don't lie. I have all the tools to beat you.

    AJ looks up as a shadow passes the window of the and some chatter can be heard outside but he returns his attention to inside the room.

    You can use all that cash you've earned to buy all the rolexes, Lambos, suits and fancy shoes you want but what you can't buy is natural talent. The same natural talent that made me the number one college baseball prospect in the world makes me the most dangerous man to step into that ring with. You've gone one-on-one with guys and gals like Masked Mark, Rex Sampson, and Penelope. But I promise you, you've never gone up against a wrestler as good as me, and you'll never have the chance again.

    AJ stands up and looks around at his room. Looking at some photos of himself playing baseball and posters of his favorite MLB stars.

    You can't match me, Kenway. I'm faster than you, I'm more athletic than you, I'm smarter than you, and I'll use all those advantages to beat you. I'll take all the anger I feel towards Max in the my heart and use it to beat you. Every single thing he's done to me will just be more fuel. More fuel to chop your chest until it's beet red. To knee you in the face until it's bruised and battered. To strike your bones until they're shaky and weak. My gameplan is usually complex and well thought out. But everytime I look into your eyes Kenway, everytime I see your face or hear your name all I see in you is Max. And all I want to do is beat the living shit out of you. And that's exactly what I plan to do. Not just for me. Not just for my fans. But for those men and women you've fucked over, for all those lives you've ruined. I can never fix their problems, just like I'll likely never fix mine. But it's going to feel damn good to have the whole arena chant my name as I kick your ass.

    AJ shakes his head and grabs his bag, walking downstairs to the living room in front of the door. AJ looks around one last time and exits the house, locking it behind him. Through the door, AJ can be heard humming as he walks back to the taxi.

    Hey, hey... ho, ho... the lion of ACW has got to go...
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    AJ Winters vs Chris Kenway

    Chris Kenway walks into his office at Mohegan Lionsgate on the upper East Side of Manhattan wearing a brown three piece suit, a white dress shirt and a black tie with a brown dress coat and black Captain leather snow boots. Chris has a massive coffee stain on suit and dry coffee on his face and hair. Chris throws his briefcase on a couch and places his overcoat on a coat rack, he then sits down to his laptop and presses a button on the work phone on his desk.

    Chris Kenway: Jessie? honey! Page Carlo and tell him to get in here with my debit card from the Swiss bank account, it’s for something important now, not a brick.

    Receptionist: Certainly Chris!

    Chris Kenway pulls up Penelope’s donation page and clicks “Donate” and enters in the amount and personal information as Carlo comes in with the card in his hand

    Chris Kenway: Ayo Carlo! The bitch wouldn’t take my money, I’m getting a face full of hot coffee every morning and I don’t even drink coffee. This is worth billions just to be done with. Please, give me my card so I can enter in the information.

    Carlo Walters: That’s it right? You’re not going to hide it than take off again to go do blow in Bangkok with Gary Busey?

    Chris Kenway:
    Yeah, dude just give me the fuckin’ thing!

    Carlo hands Chris the card and sits down in a chair in front of Chris as he fills his card information into the system and puts in an amount of 275 thousand dollars and hands Carlo back the card as the computer completes the transaction.

    Chris Kenway: I’m taking the mystery route here Carlo, it’s costing me more but if I donate 250 thousand beans Penelope will know it was from me. But this should fix everything and hopefully this shit dies down once her brother’s surgery happens. I can’t keep going through this I’m in the main event against wheelie wheelie stupid head and I need to be more clear headed than that kid and not thinking about this horseshit. Which it shouldn’t be hard to do once Penelope takes a look at her donations any minute. Actually,holdup for a second.

    Chris Kenway opens up his laptop again and copies the link to the account login and forwards it in an email along with the account information to his receptionist and and reaches over to press a button on his phone.

    Chris Kenway: Hey I got a task for ya'. Check the donation page I just sent you until you see whether or not the funds are accepted if they aren't. Get my card from Carlo and make multiple accounts to send in individual donations amounting to 275 thousand dollars, any questions?

    Receptionist: No sir, I'll let you know the results once I receive them.

    Chris Kenway:
    Thanks, your the best!

    Chris releases his finger from the button and closes down his laptop

    Chris Kenway:
    Perk's of being the boss, anyways. AJ may be washed up but he's still young and strong, but what kind of person is given the opportunity to make millions upon millions to play baseball for a season once a year and passes it up to get the shit beat out of them in the crapshoot known as professional wrestling? Where your either making minimum wage to fight like a pitbull every night or a couple grand which is nicer but when offered millions to do less, he looks like the biggest fool to step foot in the ring. When it comes to wrestling AJ and I have a lot in common. He and I think passion before net worth which makes us fucking stupid. But, the difference is I give some sort of fuck about my net worth, unlike him I have always been about making moves so I can wrestle and collect gold. AJ on the other hand is an idiot who could've been a triple threat like myself but settled for being the mince meat of ACDub!

    Carlo Walters: You have to beat that pin cushion by any means necessary Chris, because you are the only one with the mindset to burn down Branson’s kingdom; AJ lacks the stamina and the focus to make it all the way to the end. Whereas I know if you replace that motherfucker and go up against Branson, be it bloody, broken back or broken heart you’re not stopping until the last ounce of blood falls out of ya and you're forced to stop because you’re dead.

    Chris Kenway moves his laptop and leans back placing his feet on the desk looking at Carlo.

    Chris Kenway: Let's not put all our eggs in one basket here; it seems that these protesting liberals have more balls to get in my face than my past opponents do. Queenan pussed out, the man on the lion semen diet pussed out. So don’t be surprised if the Canadian Paralympian fails to represent. Psychically I have no doubt AJ is ready to throw hands, I may have joked, but as I said before he's got passion so I have no doubt he'll show. But mentally? The guy is a choke artist and when he starts going good, Winters always finds a way to fuck it all up and blame the other guy and that mentality isn’t getting Branson off the throne. Hell, the last time we stepped in the ring he needed Jackie’s help to keep me down for a second let alone three, the kid is strong in all the wrong places and weak in all the necessary ones, it should be a walk in the park especially when there’s big names that want him down and out.

    Carlo scratches his head confused at what Chris just said.

    Carlo Walters: Wait, this is more than just a match?

    Chris Kenway: Yeah, not only if I win I get one step closer to hanging Branson with his own championship, there’s some big names with big money that want AJ out of the picture because he is such a mess in the company and everyone knows that like the dotcom stock back in 2000 he’s on a roll now but even those who stay bias say it’s cracking and crumbling like his bones will when I step into the ring with AJ. He shouldn’t be worried about winning; the motherfucker should be worried about surviving. Somebody who wallows in mud and feasts on pig slop is champion right now and it’s the first time he’s ever had anything gold on him. Contenders in the past such as AJ and Darius made the mistake by going after Branson’s championship and not Branson himself. Branson lets the greed build up and then when they’re blown up in the head, he strikes and succeeds. Fuck, if they throw me the ball I’m going after Branson and making sure he’s down and out and if the championship comes with it well la de fuckin’ da!

    Carlo Walters: You better come out on top here; they’ve billed this as USA vs Canada!

    Chris Kenway: Honestly if it’s not hockey, Merica' always leads the way as Canada is stuck shoveling out their driveways. If we aren’t having the match in an ice rink AJ’s chances are slim to none. I want the championship and to be the face of the company but what I want more is Branson Younger dismantled and destroyed so that evil can never weasel his way into glory again, AJ’s mindset is already at the point of no return but if I have to make him blow a rod like the POS car I see him driving to get to Branson then so be it. AJ’s just a causality to the big picture, the FNG that always gets shot in the foot then puts that foot in his mouth. AJ can hit a ball out of the park but can he withstand being beat down with a bat? Fucking doubt it. Anyways I have to get out of this suit because I have a meeting with the big pharmco in 20 minutes, thanks for stopping your work to come help me out here Carlo, I appreciate it.

    Carlo Walters:
    No problem bro, good luck back in the UK. I'd go with you but you know it's poppin' off here every day, hell I needed to get a pager I haven't used one since '99!

    Chris laughs as Carlo gives Chris a homie handshake as they both leave Kenway's office.
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    AJ Winters - 79 | Chris Kenway - 74

    AJ Winter's Breakdown
    HYPE: 19/20
    ARGUMENT: 4/10
    CONTINUITY: 15/15

    Exceptional good use of story characters and relating them to your opponent. Good touch on other people's stories from a self-character perception. Good heart to heart talk and developing backstory flowing. Well tied up all the opponent's history including and not including yourself and kept it all canonical without using anything he wouldn't be privy to.

    Just look to certify the argument points and don't feel the need to reiterate points too much where you can leave it as one stand-alone point we will pick up on, unless that is the nature of the character in which case give a little focus to that aspect of their personality.

    Chris Kenway's Breakdown
    HYPE: 17/20
    ARGUMENT: 7/10
    CONTINUITY: 12/15

    Very good points brought up and quite a good researched piece, almost. The characters are strongly presented and Kenway is still the star of his own story and pushes the agenda forward.

    Aim for more developments to happen from your end to avoid it becoming a recycled story of a meeting each month. Something that could lead to something on the show to drive up the entertainment and keep it fresh. Likewise, try to use all your plot, as in ACW CH 5 Kenway was introduced to AJ's former coach.[/FONT]



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