Jack Santore debuted in VIVA's California show as a former footballer and MMA Star who defeated Zip Tobasco in his debut. He would speak behind the scenes to his number one fan Little E who he warned to stay out of trouble before Santore would fight in the VIVA Battleground match, coming close to winning the Ultra-Violent title but wasn't involved in the fall. Post match, Santore nobly stood between Clarice attacking Saturn and made her back off as Saturn gave Santore a nod of approval, though Santore did have eyes on the title.

Handler History
JackSantore created Jack Santore with OrigRosebud adding in segments during the shows. Jack Santore's pic base is Luke Rockhold

Record History
Res. Record Opp. Event Method Date Notes
LOSS 1 - 1 Multiple VIVA Cali '18 Pinfall Jan 31st Jack Santore was not pinned in the Battleground match up for the VIVA Ultra Violent Title
WIN 1 - 0 Zip Tobasco VIVA Cali '18 Pinfall Jan 31st