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    Chapter Three: WrestleConExpoPalooza



    Vs. W/




    Vs. W/


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    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    Rain falls from the gray, overcast sky. The roads’ pavement shine with the covering of the moisture. Amidst shrubbery, along the grassy area separated by the concrete sidewalk, sit tattered tents. Some have the entries unzipped, displaying the bundled men and women within. Disheveled hair and beanie caps atop their heads, hands stuffed in coat pockets, attempting to keep warm. Brown boots smash against the wet grass, carrying across the large bodice of Branson Younger. His dreadlocks, tied in a bun atop his head, and his beard stuffed below a large brown, leather jacket, the collar showing the wool interior. His left hand is stuffed in the waist level pocket of the jacket. In his right, he carries a Styrofoam container. Younger stops at one of the tents, where inside, a man is huddled at the entrance way. Branson kneels down, without word, he uses his free left hand to raise the fellow’s stocking cap from his eyes. The homeless man looks on at Branson, wide-eyed, just behind him, a woman, just as bundled, ties her greasy hair up in a ponytail, whipping at her hands with dirty hands. It can be seen that she’s pregnant. Younger opens the container, and hands the man four sandwiches from the container, each separately, in which he hands back to the woman behind. He nods his head at the Compound leader, smiling throughout the entire interaction.

    HOMELESS MAN: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

    Branson closes the container, a satisfied smile, which across any other face could be seen as generous, comes across his face. Yet, upon the face of Younger, seems evil, sickening, and twisted. The Compound leader shuffles the container into his left hand, with his right, he brushes his outer hand across both of the man’s cheeks.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: I am not the one to thank, here. Don’t you see it? You have riches beyond your understandin’, yet.

    Branson nods at the woman over the man’s shoulder, while she daintily bites at the sandwich, savoring the only food that she may see for some time.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: You, your family, these other children of Prophecy, all were dehumanized by this society. You are subjugated as “London’s Homeless” in papers and tabloids, but you are so much more. You are the unsung heroes of the future. Soon, you and the rest of these beaten and battered will no longer be seen as meek. Soon, I will seize the means to deliver and redeem you.

    The homeless man cranes his neck from beneath the tent’s safety from the rain. His arms find their way over Branson’s shoulder, embracing him tightly. Younger kisses his uncovered forehead. He struggles hoarse sentiments, gurgling from his throat.

    HOMELESS MAN: Bless her. Bless Prophecy and her soldier of fortune.

    Branson regains his stance, walking away from the tent, with the homeless family watching him all the while. He makes his way throughout the others, until coming upon one that is quite large in size. Younger unzips the door way, bending down, to crawl in. He seats himself on the flooring, cross legged. Sitting against the far wall from him is Lucille, her knees in the air, legs bent. In her hand is a plastic bag of ice, which she holds above her right brow. Still covered with the same paint from This is Spinal Tapout, though most of it has smeared and begins to run down her face. Branson rests his forearms on his legs, knowing that Lucille is among him, but makes no gesture towards her.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: I believe we were used. Tyler Hart saw fit to bear our colors, to align himself under our banner, but couldn’t bring himself to aid our cause. Too far? Too far? I wonder why Tyler looks to the sky. What entity is he serving, if not himself?

    Lucille tosses down the makeshift ice pack. She scurries on hands and knees across the tent, grabbing Branson with one hand by the collar of his jacket. Anger is in her eyes, but his find the large bump above the right.

    SISTER LUCILLE: I was sacrificed! I took the pain for you, for us, and all you can deem fit to set your mind to is the heart of Tyler?

    Branson pushes Lucille away. She falls to her bottom with a thump, becoming silent. There is a moment when the two just stare into each other’s eyes. The only sound heard is the rain falling against the tent’s outer layer.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: Hers is of wisdom, sister. We must be stalwart and not fall into their traps. Jackie is a man looking to edge any way he can to stand out among them. That doesn’t make him any warrior, nor any threat. His act was violent and I must admit, I am in awe of his resourcefulness. To see the lost fool, Nick as a weapon, that was an act of brilliance, but no less a shot fired into empty sky. You see, we are not out, we have not succumbed to their level. Oh no, we still stand tall. And, we are still one step above. Nick is only reacting as best he knows how. Look at this man, his violence is that of an angry, rebellious child’s mind. He uses fear to employ himself as above all others standing opposite of himself. Don’t you see? We’re well equipped. The fool stands beside us soon, and that violence, we will administer this time. When it’s all done and I’m another step closer to gathering my means to rebuild our empire, he can be dealt with.

    Lucille smiles a bit, acknowledging the systematic approach of Branson’s response. She crawls closer to him, her posterior bouncing up and down and the air, by way of the balls of her feet and palms of her hand. Her excitement shows like that of an eager animal.

    SISTER LUCILLE: And, you Bransie will judge him for his sins.

    To this, Younger nods. His demeanor is that of a man annoyed with petty worries.

    SISTER LUCILLE: And, I, I-I get to be the executioner?

    Younger waves a hand to Lucille, answering her swiftly.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: After his purpose is served, Lucille, you may do with Nick whatever you deem fit.

    Lucille falls back on her back, her arms and legs flailing in the air, with a shout of “Whoopie!” She begins singing quietly to herself, whispering words of violence. Younger halts these psychotic murmurs, continuing in his thoughts, as she sits back up to listen.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: Kavanaugh is a fool. He may as well have handed me the prize money. This is a silver platter, set in my hands. But, oh how poetic this situation is. Men’s greed will be their inevitable downfall. One thing that is going through all of their minds, the one thing they all question, is their trust in one another. This, I tell you now, isn’t something I worry about. The two men that stand beside me, they want that prize purse as much as the two on the other side of the ring. They’re allegiance isn’t in question, until the final bell rings. And lookin’ at the other side of the ring, we see Darius Luten, Tyler Hart, and Jackie Stang, are you noticin’ a pattern, here? There is somethin’ lackin’: motivation. I’ve seen none of it from Stang. Just a man, willin’ to do whatever it takes to keep his name in the lights. Just take a look at his actions. He looks to cause mayhem and destruction, almost to the same intensity of my own. But, his reasoning is where his fault lies. Darius showed nothin’ when all things began. He’d rather sit back. There isn’t any motivation among them. They are nothin’ to be feared. However, Tyler Hart, willin’ to stand aside me to gain another position closer to the prize money, he is the man they should fear. He is the one who I’ll be keepin’ my eye on. And he is the one that will be judged.

    Confused eyes find Branson. Lucille, rubs a finger across his cheek, brushing with her hand at the mass of his beard, bulging from beneath his jacket.

    SISTER LUCILLE: What about those that will stand with you?

    Branson laughs a moment.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: The angry child, Nick? Or the whippin’ boy, Winters? These fools are merely to serve their purpose. Blinded with the idea of a large sum of money, they’ll perform the tasks that I need of them. When they fall flat, I’ll be there to see the end. It’s rather simple, really. They are too succumbed with the hint of being rich to see their opponents for who they truly are. And that’s just as well, whatever fuels the fire to see them do what I need of them, before I deem fit to do away with them fits the need all the same. Jackie Stang will see somethin’ he hasn’t ever seen before. For far too long, he’s been allowed to run roughshod over his “competition” as it were. He comes into the ring with a speed hardly matched by any and a great versatility. That has served him well. In our pasts, we have crossed one another, passing by in this place or that, but one thing Jackie can’t ever attest to, is destroying the Compound. He can boast of loose women and large amounts of alcohol, bright lights and loud cities. But, he has never ever stood and looked into the eyes of pure fear. He may not just leave this tournament in a mere month’s time. He may leave the wrestling world. Everything in this world, every obstacle, can be assessed and conquered, but what preparation can one make to stepping face to face with one who was before them? What response can a mere man give, when he who was sacrificed for the sake of war, stands before him? This plane knows nothing of my home grounds. Still, they look at me as an urchin, an urchin bearing witness to what they deem as incoherent babble. I will put fear into this man. He can argue a good case of aerial prowess and speed, but I hold somethin’ much bigger. Fear. I will see him twist and turn, before attemptin’ to answer his phobias the very same way all men do, with antics of anger. And when that time comes, I need only to react. That’s the great power of fear, you see? Fear, when used by its author, isn’t that of Nick’s utilization. This isn’t random terrorizing. Oh no, when Nick reacts in anger to that which he can’t understand, his own anger will betray him. He’ll step quickly, and I’ll be there, to capitalize on his own loose ends. His shortcomings will not be the downfall of this family.

    Younger takes a look outside of the open crack found in the tent’s door. His eyes peer, though the overcast of the outside doesn’t provide enough light to warrant it. His expression is more thoughtful, than found in need.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: I hold it as an honor to be steppin’ in against Darius Luten at WrestleConExpoPalooza. Don’t misunderstand me, Lucille. This isn’t a matter of respect. Lookin’ Darius square in the eye, I already know what to expect. I already know the man behind the eyes, underneath the expensive clothes. He’s everything bred of this plane that we stand to oppose. Darius stands for one thing: Himself. I, I represent so much more.

    Branson waves a hand without much span, his arm bent throughout the process. Though, his audience, Lucille can see that means the tents around his own, a large sample of London’s homeless population. His hand stops at her, coupling her into his equation.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: I stand for this, us. The voice of the free world, outside of the tyranny of their corruption. You and I Lucille, we are blessed, blessed to be robbed of everything we held dear. Blessed, to have had or own monetary possessions taken from us. This, I know was the will of Prophecy, herself. Darius on the other hand, hasn’t experienced this. This is what separates us. A victory would ensure moving to the next round, bein’ that much closer to that prize pot. For Darius, this all but a flash in the pan. The only reason he’s here is to make a point, to establish a point, that only he himself believes is so. Tell me, when two wolves are in the woods, eyein’ an elk, and one wolf has eaten his fill a hundred time over and the other is starvin’, which wolf will take the elk?

    Lucille stares at Branson in silence a moment.

    SISTER LUCILLE: The fed wolf would be stronger, more energetic. The starved wolf, weakened by his struggle, would be but a duck sitting atop water, awaiting his own demise?

    Her voice trails off, questioning her own response. To this Branson chuckles, reaching his arm far off into a corner of the tent, his body leaning for leverage. He collects a Mason Jar, half full of clear liquid. Younger regains his position, turning the jar upward, taking large gulps, as Lucille looks on. Finally, with the sleeve of his jacket, he wipes the running liquid from his beard, placing the jar down in much closer proximity.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: You make a valid point, Lucille. Certainly, the starvin’ beast would suffer more. But, the key here is motivation. This could be the last chance that food may seen. And, another expedition through the forest for an easier meal may seem like an eternity on a weak body. This is the same scenario with myself and Darius. He fails to understand what this tournament means to my people. And, motivation he will see. In his eyes, I’ll see naught but cowardice. Tell me, where was Darius at Spinal Tapout when it came to blows? There I was, standin’ among my own, watchin’ my beautiful creation unfold. War, chaos, synonymous with my name. This is my environment, where I thrive. And what of Darius? The distance between myself and the beautiful sight was far less than his own. Why, he only felt the need to involve himself, when his own was attacked. Amusin’. But, Darius will realize, I am far different from that weak fool, Jackie Stang. I won’t attack your own to get your attention. Oh no, when it comes to the Compound, our method has always been the same. We seek out the very head of the corruption. Prophecy has graced us with a great gift on this day.

    Lucille nods, very enthusiastically.

    SISTER LUCILLE: And, what of the serpent, Stang, Bransie? He hasn’t stolen his place in this tournament.

    Younger shakes his head, eyes on his lap. He raises his face to his sister-in-arms.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: It is hard to place Stang. Obviously, a man fueled by his own guilty pleasures. I could go on for days that my purpose is much more. But, where would that leave us, Lucille? In the dead of night or even the wee hours of mornin’, reminded of that that is blatant. Jackie Stang is formidable. I’ll admit, I do find his approach very entertainin’. A lone ranger, willin’ to sacrifice anyone for his own gains. It reminds me of my own design, that some have deemed twisted. But, what Jackie doesn’t understand is, I am not like those he’s bettered to find his way to this position. Take for example, the last man he used, and showed his true character to, AJ Winters. Winters is nothin’ separated from anyone else I’ve encountered in this structure of employment. Just another run o’ the mill hero in his own mind. Oh, the locals have surely taken to his cheap employment of rallyin’ alongside them. Good for him. It’s quite an ability to bring many to your side, this is somethin’ I know much about. However, he lacks the ability to judge, in a world where men are one-dimensional and far too easily read in their own simple ways. Jackie made an attempt to rile me in the same way he had Darius, attackin’ one of my own. Oh, poor Stang, he didn’t get the reaction he wanted. He didn’t bring me to the foray, unknowin’ to that around me, bent on one perception, vulnerable to his next move. Jackie doesn’t get me, man. He doesn’t understand what makes me tick. I don’t have the weaknesses that the mortals I’m surrounded by suffer from. If he only knew what I’ve witnessed, where I’ve walked from. I’ve already lost that that I loved. There isn’t anything more he can take from me.

    Lucille’s enthusiasm changed to frustration once again through the course of Branson’s tirade. Whether he hasn’t noticed or is simply ignoring her emotions is unknown, however he continues.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: And, Tyler Hart, the man of many colors, it would seem. Tyler, no doubt sought out strength. Much like a wolf, himself. Seek the pack, but not just the first pack that you come across, but the strongest pack. He brings himself to the pulpit, ready to hear the words of Prophecy herself, but he just wasn’t strong enough. When I think of men that I could respect among the A.C.Dubbya’, Tyler Hart is one of the first to mind. A strong-willed man, though a very, very weak heart. And, had he not been beside me, this would have been his downfall sooner, rather than later. His weakness though, like a stew, is best to simmer. For when he sees the power of the Compound, it’ll be that much sweeter to revel in his frailness. Why, if he thought what I did to Penelope this past month was heinous, he’ll cry tears when he sees just what I have in store. Is this kind of sick destruction needed to achieve our goal? I’ll admit, it isn’t. But, this is the fun I get to have with my gift to the world, and I want Tyler to remember me. My face will haunt his dreams, the blood on my hands, leavin’ him mentally changed for the rest of the days he’s sentenced to exist on this earth. There is though somethin’ much more at stake. I’d be remiss to leave it unmentioned. Tyler insulted that which we stand for. This isn’t some fraternity that you bear colors of as you wish and leave when you feel the time is right. What is of Her is eternal and her people, those true, those left after the rebellion, are so, as well. Tyler will see somethin’ that he can’t fathom, somethin’ that he wouldn’t believe can exist on this plane, especially considerin’ those he’ll call partner: Unity, loyalty. And he will be servin’ a new sentence, this one at my hand in the name of Prophe-

    Branson is stopped, more so choked in his word. Lucille, as he was speaking, leaned back on her knees, throwing a hand around his throat. Black nails digging deep in the skin of his neck. Her eyes meet his, face to face, noses nearly touching.

    SISTER LUCILLE: Mark my words, Savior. If you don’t show Nick the judgement of Prophecy, then I will be.

    She lets him loose, shoving his back into the tent, which says around him from the velocity of his weight. Lucille crawls out through the door way, leaving Branson to hack and cough from the lack brief lack of oxygen. His right hand finds his throat, rubbing the skin where hers had held so tightly. He watches the door way after her, letting his throat go, for another large gulp of his clear liquid. Wiping his mouth again with his sleeve, he looks on at the swinging flap of an entrance way, angrily. And, in a flash, a sick, twisted smile comes across the Compound leader’s face. He cackles loudly, echoing all around the tents in the area.

    WRITER: Colton Calhoun EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    A local hotspot in London with a bouncer outside checking IDs. Inside it predominately plays club music, electro, remixed pop songs. It features two bars either side with a dance floor in the middle. One coat room and three VIP tables including one VIP room with a balcony view of the rest of the venue.

    The camera comes on to a shot of a number of women and men's legs dancing to an unknown electro hit before panning up to see the array of people. A hard shot from above of a small sea of people on the dance floor before cutting to film the back corner of the left hand side bar. Nick comes into focus with his hair combed neatly. Button-down shirt with black jeans and swank shoes before collecting two beer bottles off the bar. Nick walks just past the camera to turn it black, cutting to him walking away from it towards a group of girls. Six young woman enjoying a girls night dressed showy in dresses tight to flaunt their figures and curves. The camera cuts to Nick and a brunette girl in the group as he hands her a bottle.

    NICK (DRUNKENLY): I couldn't help but notice you checking me out from across the room. And I'm sure you noticed me as well. What's your name?

    A cut to just Nick's face smiling at the girl. Before cutting to the girl, shooting over Nick's shoulder as she leans into him.


    The camera cuts to the pair as Nick backs her against the wall to the rhythm of the music. His sleeve comes down to reveal an expensive Rolex watch. The cut goes to shooing from Emily's shoulder up at Nick.

    NICK (SLURRING): Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Emily. The name's Nick, though I'm sure you already knew that. After all, I am a world traveled professional athlete. Come with me.

    Cutting back over the heads of the crowd; Nick and Emily move towards the bar. A cut to shoot a corner of the bar with Emily getting helped up onto her stool and Nick leaning on the bar. Nick looks over to the bartender. Inaudibly he orders two shots. The bartender pours and serves them a shot glass each. The pair raise their shot glasses before an individual cut to a close up of each downing their shot and lastly a shot of the glasses being put down on the counters. Nick then holds two fingers up to the bartender and the shot is of the pair with the bartender in the near background pouring a new set of drinks.

    NICK: From the way you were looking at me, I could tell you were a fan of mine. I mean, who isn't? So, I take it you'll be at the upcoming event then?

    EMILY: What event?

    An uncomfortable silence occurs; Emily looking offended and Nick defuses the tension with a forced laugh.

    NICK: That's a good one! You know, at WrestleConExpoPalooza? At the O2?

    Her expression remains the same, shaking her head with no idea.

    NICK: The ACW show? The big wrestling company? The company that I wrestle for?

    She smiles into a laugh as Nick's face drops into disgruntlement.

    EMILY: You mean to tell me you wrestle? Like in the oil and spandex and stuff? Oh my god, I thought you were some American who played for Arsenal or something! I can definitely tell you I won't be at your show then. And I don't think I'll be talking to you anymore either. Thanks for the drinks, I guess.

    Emily reaches forward for the other shot before a close up of her forearm reaching for the glass. Nick grabs her hand. Cutting back to the pair; Nick downs both drinks in quick succession. She pulls her hand back once he releases and Nick standing up straight. He begins to bark incoherent insults at her and the group she was with come rushing to her aid. Nick balls his fist up and looks at Emily when a hand grabs it. Nick looks at the hand before the camera cuts behind Nick to film him fully turn around, shake his head and roll his eyes.

    NICK: Oh just great! How the hell did you find me, Nate?

    The camera turns to a male, tall, dark, in good shape and sharply

    NATE JORDAN: Every time we're in London, you're either at this nightclub or the bar a block the other way. You realize what my most prominent client fighting a group of women at a nightclub in a foreign country does for me? Not only would it destroy my reputation, but it'd cause me legal problems. Ladies, I need to apologize on behalf of both Ace Champioship Wrestling and my client for his behavior tonight... Now Nick, apologize and let's get out of here before this club smartens up and bans you for good.

    Nick laughs and brushes his acquaintance's hand away. He flips the group of women off and spits on one of their dresses, causing them to begin shouting and shoving him. Nate shoves him out and the scene fades to black.

    WRITER: Nick EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    The building is J shaped where the top is a penthouse apartment. The left hand side is a school and the building tower feature smaller apartments for students ranging from rooms J-A-C-K-I-E and floors 1-5.

    Opening to an establishing shot of the Stang building. The camera cuts to Tyler Hart's back as he walks through the automatic doors that slide open. Facing him is an elevator with a card scanner so he turns left towards a double set of doors. Hart opens the door and walks his way into the wide school building as thunderous echoes are heard from the ring. Tyler walks towards it as Stang superkicks the hand pads a blonde student is wearing.

    TYLER HART: We have to talk

    The camera cuts to filming from the ring apron. Stang looks over his shoulder at Tyler's direction and scoffs.

    JACKIE STANG: I'm fucking busy.

    Stang then superkicks both pads in rapid succession. One after another as they grow in force. The blonde unable to deal with the shots. The camera cuts to filming from the doorway to the school. Tyler tucks his hands in his pockets of his hooded jacket before turning towards the camera and walks. His open jacket lifts and just covers the camera to black.

    WRITER: Tyler Hart and AV Dash EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    The Male strip club owned by Darius Luten. It features a stage with two staff doors either side accessing the back area where his office and security are located. A bar as well as a number of tables for patrons to sit. Clientel range from male and female. Holding events for bachellor/bachellorette parties, birthdays and other recreation events.

    JANET ATKINS: Darius. Freshen my drink, would you?

    DARIUS LUTEN: Of Course.

    Mrs. Atkins passes over the purple tinted glass engraved with LZC to Darius as she sits alone watching the show on stage with a half crooked smile. Darius takes the drink into his grasp by his fingers and turns away from her table; walking to the bar.

    JANET ATKINS: Plying me with alcohol isn't going to stop my inspection, Darius. A cooked book always smells funny.

    She taps her nose with Darius pausing on spot in a stone statue manner. A murmured chuckle by Janet as Darius gets himself to the bar and pours from the silver mixer her cocktail.

    DARIUS LUTEN: Dammit Stang.

    He drops his weight onto the bar stool and face-palms. A drink is put down in front of him that Darius promptly takes and downs half of the glass before setting it down. Just before the glass sets itself down on the bar marble; a hand slides a LZC coaster for the drink to land on. Darius looks up at the arm it's connect to before hearing such a booming voice.

    PAULIE LEWIS: Hi! Where is that blonde woman who's tied at your hip?

    Darius peers up from his own hand. His fingers drag down the side of his face through his rustled beard until it droops down onto the counter. Ponytailed Paulie stays perfectly content as Darius musters up a comment.


    But he's interrupted.

    PAULIE LEWIS: I know. Hurt after Wildman Nick went to town on every broad sacrificed to him. Where's the hit, the three hulks beating down this schlub for wronging you. Have you really gone soft?

    Paulie looks at Darius with a brief pause. Darius straightens his posture; glances to his drink and brushes it away with his backhand. Hardly a smile on his face; Darius speaks calmly.

    DARIUS LUTEN: Enjoy the show.

    Darius removes himself from his chair to walk over. On the stage is a random performer delighting the drunken women in attendance with a baby oil show. Janet looks on at Darius who drags his hand down his jawline in deep thought before reaching up to cup his behind.

    JANET ATKINS: Have you reconsidered my offer, perhaps?

    DARIUS LUTEN: I have other ideas, Mrs Atkins. Honorable ways.

    JANET ATKINS: Dear, I will only ask so many times...

    He steps away with Janet's business card tucked in his rear pocket. With a casual reach out; Darius grabs his coat from the back of a chair before he steps aside. Casper Cowl steps out dressed to go home while Darius steps into the staff only area, the door clicking shut behind him.

    WRITER: PeytonMajors EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    A brokerage owned and operated by Chris Kenway with a number of staff employed including Carlo Winters, Johnny Summers and formerly Maya Price.

    We open to Chris Kenway sitting in his wood paneled 1920's style office on the 18th floor of his building at Mohegan Lionsgate. Kenway has his feet kicked back on his Presidential replica desk wearing a cream colored bowling shirt over a wife beater, brown cargo shorts and a pair of Air Jordan’s retro gold watching short clips on his Samsung Galaxy S8. Johnny Summers barges the door wearing a lavender polo shirt, brown slacks and black dress shoes followed by Carlo Walters wearing a plaid button up, blue chinos and Italian dress boots. Johnny sets down a 30 rack of Natural Ice on Kenway’s desk, opening it and handing a beer to Carlo and Chris as they each crack one.

    JOHNNY SUMMERS: I’d like to make a toast Chris, you went and tried a childhood dream and have actually succeeded, you may have lost your first match but you proved one thing. You proved that it takes two fully grown athletes to take you down. You’re truly are a lion amongst pray over there.

    Johnny and Carlo lean in to toast Chris as they touch cans and sit back in two leather seats in front of Chris's desk as they chug the beer.

    CHRIS KENWAY: Wow that’s a great point you made Johnny. As soon as Keenan left the ring it became a handicap match. I have the mentality that the ring is a battlefield and I am a one man army that must conquer all those who try to oppress me. Keenan and I had all the right cards but only I had the right mentality. Unlike Queenan, I'm not stopping until you put me down like the rabid son of a bitch that I am. That kid ruined his family name when he fled from the match that we nearly had won. I felt bad and wanted to apologize but since he ignored me and was so unprofessional, fuck that kid! He’s no longer a friend or a partner, he’s a liability.

    CARLO WALTERS: I wouldn’t worry about that kid; his little bitch behavior has him being demoted to opening the show against some fat guy with a hot wife, while you have an actual fight on your hands in Penelope.

    Chris Kenway finishes his beer and tosses it into the garbage can across the room as he gets another one and cracks it

    CHRIS KENWAY: Believe me I’m not taking that bimbo lightly, they billed this a retribution match so no doubt that little girl wants to send a few haymakers to my dome. Like Johnny said it took two grown ass men to take me down but I’m always ready for anything that mindset is what’s made me the king I am today. I’ll let the love child of Mama June and Arnie Grape get her fair one in as I do have a receipt coming,but after that she’s just another THING in my way of complete occupation.

    JOHNNY SUMMERS: Chris is going to get his ass beat by a chick! But no doubt one slam, swing or submission and you’re crushing her into a fine powder. Be careful when throwing her around. I think you have close to 175 pounds on the poor thing.

    Chris Kenway finishes his second beer and sets it down on the desk just to slam his fist down crushing the can as he flicks it off his desk.

    CHRIS KENWAY: Now imagine if Penelope tries to lock me up in some freaky hold and I do that to her, I think if we were wrestling on tour in Mexico and had the match there a haymaker to her weave would cause another earthquake. Speaking of crushed tacos, I didn’t tell you guys. Some bigshot latrino offered me a job to go west and wrestle in a tournament. He had my attention until the fuck disrespected me and called me a scared dog, I’m a vicious animal that rips money from the pockets of greedy people and he has the nerve to belittle me? What an idiot! If he was smart he’d get a local loony tune and professional tail tucker in Tyler Keenan to go there and wrestle since he’s looking for scared dogs.

    Carlo and Johnny both laugh as Johnny finishes his beer and grabs two, opening one tossing one to Carlo who finishes his to crack the one handed to him.

    CARLO WALTERS: Where do you go after, if you beat Penelope?

    CHRIS KENWAY: I already said I didn’t care about the tournament or the prize money. I care about establishing myself as a dominant force and filling up this office with accolades to show for it. I want to be the top guy in ACW, the most expansive stock that everyone buys shares of in bulk. There are a lot of bitches, freaks, geeks, slags and douchebags in Ace and I’m the only self-made man there. I’ve cashed so many checks that I don’t care about making money in the wrestling business like others. I actually care about the moments, the championships, the blood and the bumps. The others show some care for that but at the end of the day if they aren’t getting paid they aren’t showing up. Me? Well I’m that foolish bastard who will throw 20k in a blender and drink it just so I could piss away 20 grand within an hour. So fuck yeah I’ll be there to make my dreams happen regardless of the monetary reward. First to come, last to leave and when they start calling on me you two will vouch saying that guy Chris Kenway has some tricks up his sleeve. Now gentlemen I think it’s time I show the dedication that’s made me Mr. Monopoly to this 30 rack, it’s starting to get warm.

    Chris Kenway grabs another beer and cracks it as he guzzles it down and business talk can be heard among the men as the feed ends.

    WRITER: Je$ster.HHJ EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    A brokerage owned and operated by Chris Kenway with a number of staff employed including Carlo Winters, Johnny Summers and formerly Maya Price.

    Penelope zips up her bag in her bedroom as she looks at the photo next to her bed. Her dad Bill and mother Jade standing behind her and her brother at Disneyland.

    PENELOPE: I need to get that money. How…How? Think, Penelope, think…

    She says looking at the photograph.

    JADE WOODS: Penelope, make sure you…

    Her mother walks by the door to see her inside just looking at the photograph. Jade walks up to Penelope and pats her shoulder.

    JADE WOODS: That was a great day.

    PENELOPE: I want more of those days, but I let the family down.

    Penelope's lips move off to the side as she doubts herself. Her mother squeezes her shoulder.

    JADE WOODS: No you haven't, Pel. You did what you could and I can't thank you enough for trying.

    Jade turns Penelope to her and leans down to hug her and she feels the warmth of her mother wash away the guilty feeling until she withdraws the hug.

    JADE WOODS: We're going to throw some old clothes into the donation bins, want to help me sort out your father's?

    PENELOPE: I guess so, like, I can-…

    Penelope double takes and stands and gasps as if a light bulb went off above her head.

    JADE WOODS: What's wrong, Pel?

    Penelope races off to her computer quickly to begin typing and moving her mouse as she's busy. Her tongue hanging just out of her mouth as she's deep in concentration with her mother looking at her.

    JADE WOODS: Pel?

    PENELOPE: Donation!

    Penelope says as Jade turns and leaves her daughter to her computer dealings, slowly pulling closed the door with a gentle pull as the door has a number of stickers and a cute wooden bar with her name engraved in it.

    WRITER: Toxic Doll EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.

    The building is J shaped where the top is a penthouse apartment. The left hand side is a school and the building tower feature smaller apartments for students ranging from rooms J-A-C-K-I-E and floors 1-5.

    Opening to an establishing shot of the Stang building. The camera cuts to Tyler Hart's back as he walks through the automatic doors that slide open. Facing him is an elevator with a card scanner so he turns left towards a double set of doors. Hart opens the door and walks his way into the wide school building as thunderous echoes are heard from the ring. Tyler walks towards it as Stang superkicks the hand pads a blonde student is wearing.

    TYLER HART: We have to talk

    The next shot is of the skyline as day falls to the night then night to day. Tyler Hart stands against the Jackie Stang building at dawn while Stang comes back from his latest conquest, swallowing hard as he comes across Hart.

    JACKIE STANG: I'm in no mood to chitchat so get off my property.

    Stang runs his hand down his mouth with his eyes heavy. Standing uncomfortable, dirty, disgraced with little chagrin.

    TYLER HART: I want to talk about our match.

    Tyler notices Stang begin to move past him so he places his hand on Stang's blazer. Stang reacts quickly and violently by shoving Tyler up against the wall.

    JACKIE STANG: You're going to retire. So? I don't need to talk to someone whose just gonna walk right out of this business. Fuck off, this property is for those who wanna be pro damn wrestlers. Not for walk-aways.

    Stang eyeballs Tyler.

    TYLER HART: Jack, Everyone has their goals in this tournament. Younger, Nick, Winters. I won't be made to feel guilty on mine.

    JACKIE STANG: Darius is a prick. Major asshole, but you...?

    Stang releases Tyler, fixes his hood before he stares point blank at Hart

    JACKIE STANG: You're a coward. At least Darius has the balls to comeback to Pro Wrestling. You know what? Don't bother coming to London. Me and Darius can handle it. A superkick frenzy on all them boys.

    TYLER HART: You need me there. The gap in each opponents submissions game compared to me is too great. AJ has a back issue, the kid won't last long in my COH hold.

    JACKIE STANG: Are you on something? Six man tags, the safest way to win is pinfall. Submissions really? Nick, AJ, Branson are just gonna let you pretzel someone and ruin their run in the tournament?

    TYLER HART: No, they'll come in. I believe that's when you would show off this 'Superkick-Frenzy'.

    Tyler steps forward to stand up perfectly straight with his arms crossed.

    TYLER HART: I believe that's working together as a team.

    JACKIE STANG: You know what? Sure, be there. Whack on a backbreaker and put Winters in a brace. Because there's only going to be one winner and you can catch a boat back to Japan, because that's my money.

    Stang moves himself to the door and grabs his keys from inside his jacket.

    TYLER HART: Roland thinks otherwise.

    Tyler pauses as Stang turns to fully face him.

    TYLER HART: Your old boss. Heat Pro, right?

    JACKIE STANG: Do I look bothered by what that horrific excuse for a boss said?

    Stang moves himself to the door and grabs his keys from inside his jacket.

    TYLER HART: Well the rumors are he's taking a big interest in this match, most likely to see you fail on your word when you left Heat Pro.

    JACKIE STANG: Ain't gonna fail. I'm Jackie Stang, the Alpha Male wherever I may roam. If Roland thinks I'm gonna lose to Branson, Nick and Winters, well he's even more blind to what I'm capable of.

    Stang moves himself to the door and grabs his keys from inside his jacket

    JACKIE STANG: The reason Nick looked so good is because I fed him women to hit. You think Nick can do that in the ring with me, Darius and you? No. Nah, he'll crumble. I mean, who's the guy who broke up the Keenan and Kenway Krapfest? Yeah, me. AJ or Branson catches Nick bad, their team explodes.

    TYLER HART: That's quite possible. But I'm not relying on your puppet mastery. What I see is quite simple. AJ Winters is limited by his obsession from injury, and never dared to use the top rope. Younger needs to boast about his quest, he hasn't lost yet but every dog has his day. And he does share the anger issue with Nick. I'm quite confident our team is stable compared to theirs, provided Darius isn't hostile over his girl Maya. Hopefully he blames Nick.

    JACKIE STANG: I know exactly how to make Darius a solid third. All it takes is yours truly and some uptight bitch and he'll be putty in our hands. But that blond had it coming. Disrespectful little tramp had to learn.

    TYLER HART: I'll fence sit on that issue, I'd rather focus on staying a true unit and advancing.

    Tyler peers past Jackie to see Rebecca walking up to him. Stang turns around to see the dark haired girl walking towards them.

    TYLER HART: I'll catch you around, Stang.

    He pats Stang on the back twice before walking up to Rebecca to greet her.

    TYLER HART: Can I assume you're here to return the money you stole?

    REBECCA: No. I'm actually here to give back this.

    She shows Tyler a rolex watch she inherited until Stang snatches it from her to put on his wrist.

    JACKIE STANG: 'Bout time.

    He chuckles at his slight pun before slapping Rebecca's behind and pointing off.

    JACKIE STANG: Now get lost, Ring Rat.

    TYLER HART: You and Jackie?

    REBECCA: Another drunken mistake.

    Rebecca heads off back to the cab waiting for her. Stang taps his watch looking to see if it worked.

    JACKIE STANG: Come on, might as well get some work done for the six man tag. Unless you wanna gawk at a dead fish fuck. Your choice.....

    The door opens as Stang heads inside. The door slowly swings closed while Tyler stands there contemplating running after Rebecca. The cab disappears from sight. Turning around, he grabs the door handle just before it closes on him. Hart opens the door and heads inside, wondering what awaited him.

    WRITER: Tyler Hart and AV Dash EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character has no idea what has transpired here.
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    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    #The Bloody Beatroots - Rocksteady#

    As the theme plays out in the arena we see Arlen Kavanagh step out from the curtain to greet the ACW fans in attendance. Slowly walking up in a black tee with the poster on it. A pair of jeans and some Nike Retalliation TP shoes on as he gets himself down towards the ring with a wireless mic in hand, the briefcase in his other. Slowly he rolls himself into the ring and stands back up to hold his head.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: How we all doing tonight?

    Arlen gestures over to the crowd. They murmur but get a cohesive chant together.

    CROWD (CHANTING): Not too bad. Not too bad. Not too bad. Not too bad. Not too bad. Not too bad.

    Arlen gives them a big thumbs up and proceeds, commanding the entire ring.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Honestly,
    right, honestly I'm stoked for tonight's main event. These two teams we've got matched up are mega.

    He gestures to the screen putting up the graphic for the team match.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Tonight is our third show, which I've promptly called: Wrestle-Con-Expo-Paloozah!


    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And I've called it that my own head, I thought this event was proper going to be memorable. Since we've got a shambolic, scrappy six man tag match where the winning trio...are gunna be fighting for this.

    Arlen reveals to the crowd as he presses his fingers into the reader to unlock it, showing off the money to all sides of the rings.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And this isn't stacked on top of phone books or nothing. No poxy business going on, I've actually brought half a million down to the ring.

    He closes the case up and places it down by his feet.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Buh, I've actually chosen this third chapter specifically to announce that the winning three people won't just be walking away with some cash.

    Out come Thomas Kavanagh and Terry Walker, ACW's commentators. Each man carrying a bag; Thomas the backpack and Terry the over the shoulder bag.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: There's me bruv!

    Slowly they pass the Arlen through the ropes the bags. Arlen sets down the bag from Terry and reaches inside the backpack to pull out a contract which he holds up to the crowd.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And me bruv has brought me our second prize like I was the baby Jesus, better than Frankensense I can assure you, right. This..

    CROWD (CHANTING WITH CLAPS): Baby Arlen......Baby Arlen....Baby Arlen......Baby Arlen....Baby Arlen......Baby Arlen....

    Arlen chuckles at the crowd and holds his hands up nodding with a grin. Then he washes it off and gestures to the crowd with a patting motion.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Calm down, calm down...this Contract is a special little contract I've had me solicitor draw up for me. What it permits the winner to do is to give themselves a match. A match of their own design to be quite frank...For ANY Prize.

    Arlen looks dead on at the crowd and shows the large print within the paragraph reading: Any Prize.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: ANY Prize. Because that brings me to our third and final prize.

    Arlen pulls out of the over the shoulder bag a wrestling belt. The plate features a metallic royal flush with the strap being that of a cindered gold. Arlen scoops it up onto his shoulder to show off the title belt to each and every member of the audience.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: As you know we call ourselves Ace Championship Wrestling. So far we've brought you the Wrestling. Well, here's the Ace Championship to make up our name and will be the third prize awarded to our winner, whoever he may be.

    TERRY 'TIC TOC' WALKER: A flashy looking belt right there on Arlen, TK.

    THOMAS 'TK' KAVANAGH: I saw him have it deliver to the flat, Tic Toc.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: So ladies and gentlemen, with this title...

    #Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough#

    The crowd look towards the entrance ramp to see Karl Morris....his wife Susan Morris come to the ring in a modest blue dress and heels walking down to the ring. She ignores the jeers of the crowd directed to her and walks up the steps to the ring before stepping inside. She waves her microphone around before taking it to her mouth.

    SUSAN MORRIS: Arlen,'s been a month, dear...but I just can't help but feel this match up justifies what happened to my husband. Karl was abandoned by Tyler.
    Okay? Abandoned...

    Susan pauses but gets booed by the crowd.

    SUSAN MORRIS: Why should he have to face Tyler Keenan whose also out of the tournament. My husband wants that.

    Susan Morris points to the briefcase resting beside Arlen. He gives her a look and rubs his chin at her cheek. Susan then points at the Ace Championship.

    SUSAN MORRIS: And that.

    Her hand swivels so she points towards the contract in his hand.

    SUSAN MORRIS: And we'll even take that precious contract too.

    I did forget to tell you. Mr. Keenan had an obligation he's not going to be able to wrestle this evening.

    SUSAN MORRIS: Not surprising, Arlen. I half-suspected Tyler would, something about the name...all cowards.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: How about the name...Jimmy?

    SUSAN MORRIS: Excuse me?

    She steps back.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Catch up Love. Since Tyler isn't able to fulfill his match obligation, I've sorted yous out with a new opponent.

    SUSAN MORRIS: Karl already won by forfeit. He's probably already just changing.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Then you better go tell him to get himself dressed to compete, because his match up is bloody next, Love.
    WRITER: Zap EDITOR: OrigRosebud
    LIVE SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as on-camera and thus your character will have complete knowledge of what happened here.

    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    An Aston Martin DBS V12 is spotted driving up to the parking area just outside Heathrow Airport, driving quickly but just under the speed limit of the area. Parking inside one of the available spaces, both doors open to reveal Tyler Keenan and his sister, Katie Keenan. Both members of the Keenan family are dressed appropriately for the English autumn-time weather, with Tyler in an expensive-looking leather jacket, grey jeans and a pair of high-top trainers and Katie in a salmon-coloured rain coat with knee-high brown boots. Walking around to the back of his car, Tyler’s face is visibly annoyed as he pulls the boot open and removes luggage from the back. Looking over, he extends the handle of the suitcase and pushes it towards Katie, who in turn grabs it and positions it so that she can lean her hands on the handle without needing to support it.

    KATIE KEENAN: Thanks for taking me. I didn’t really want to catch a taxi all the way to here.

    Pushing the boot door back down with a thud before locking his car, the vehicle making an audible beep as the lights flash, Tyler doesn’t make eye contact with his sister.

    TYLER KEENAN: Yeah, well, hopefully I’m still gonna get paid for tonight. I’m not one for no-showing events, Kitty, never have been.

    Lowering her own head, Katie nods.

    KATIE KEENAN: I know, but this is family stuff. They’ll understand.

    Walking ahead towards the arrivals section of the airport, Keenan nods.

    TYLER KEENAN: Yep, hopefully they do. Hopefully the brand management team feels the same way, now come on.

    Tucking his hands into the pockets of his jacket, Tyler crosses the road and waits for Katie to follow him. Pulling the suitcase behind her, she makes sure that there aren’t any paparazzi anywhere before she crosses to be with him. Scowling, she looks up as Tyler rolls his eyes, but does not say a word as the two of them make their way inside.

    KATIE KEENAN: I am coming back, you do know that, right?

    Chuckling, Tyler shakes his head.

    TYLER KEENAN: Oh, I’m sure you are. I just don’t understand why.

    Raising her eyebrow in response, Katie continues to follow her brother as they make their way towards the lines for luggage weighing.

    KATIE KEENAN: You need me. After that shit with Kenway, you’re gonna need someone watching your back out here.

    TYLER KEENAN: And you’re the person that’s going to help me?

    KATIE KEENAN: Nobody else will.

    Audibly chuckling at her comment, Tyler shakes his head.

    TYLER KEENAN: Could just take a trip to Scorpius Manor to see Chris, he works for ACW too.

    KATIE KEENAN: Yeah, but Mr. Jordan is a very busy man nowadays.

    TYLER KEENAN: So was I, until Katie Keenan decided that she’d forgo every single one of her prior commitments in America to make the jump to the UK.

    Looking around her, Katie’s head drops a little.

    KATIE KEENAN: I’ve already told you this. I needed to get out of LA for a bit.

    TYLER KEENAN: Yeah, but that’s literally the only thing you’ve told me about it.

    KATIE KEENAN: And I’ll tell you more…just not right now.

    Folding his arms, Tyler leans in.

    TYLER KEENAN: Are you having relationship problems or something? I mean, it’d only take a phonecall for me to sort it out.

    KATIE KEENAN: Jesus Christ, no!

    Lowering her voice to make sure they don’t attract attention, Katie sighs.

    KATIE KEENAN: I just don’t need you and Shayne coming to LA like two mafia hitmen looking for a fight, nor do I need Mom and Dad on my case like Sherlock and Watson on a murder.

    Placing a hand on her brother’s shoulder, she warmly smiles.

    KATIE KEENAN: I just need to sort things out myself, I...I wasn't sure I could before, but I can now.

    Smiling, Tyler brings her in for a hug.

    TYLER KEENAN: You’re the most annoying woman I’ve ever met.

    KATIE KEENAN: I know. But you wouldn’t change it.

    TYLER KEENAN: Nope. Now go, otherwise you’ll miss your flight.

    Nodding, she sorts her hair out and grasps hold of her luggage. Planting a kiss on his cheek, Katie giggles and walks off towards the line, not looking back. Watching her go, Tyler smiles and proceeds to pull his iPhone from his pants pocket. Turning his back on his sister’s adventures through the airport security, he dials a number and begins to walk off back towards his car, putting the phone to his ear.

    TYLER KEENAN: …She’s heading through security now...The flight’s in about an hour and thirty…

    Nodding and mumbling, Keenan makes it back outside before he stops. Leaning against the wall, he taps his free hand against the bricks.

    TYLER KEENAN: …Pick her up when she’s back. I’ll text you…Make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble while she’s home…Follow her if needs be…Yes, yes…Alright, make sure you tell me what’s going on…Thanks…yep, bye.

    Putting the phone down, Tyler looks out towards his car and smiles, before pocketing his phone once again and crossing the road.
    WRITER: OrigRosebud & ssWolf23 EDITOR: OrigRosebud
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.


    An opening shot of an escalator before the infamous guitar riff of Money for Nothing by Dire Straits is heard. Wes Futhhais comes down the escalator to wave down at the people below. The camera cuts to just behind his head revealing him with a pair of headphones on; orange earmuffs. Below him is his redhead mother of his child Lila and her father Steve Harken.

    LILA HARKEN: I missed you.

    Wes greets her with one arm over the back to hug her. The camera cuts to Steve Harken looking off at the display of affection and then of Lila and Wes as they part.

    LILA HARKEN: Let's hope you're not hurt. How are you feeling?

    Steve Harken takes the bag from Wes and slides it up on his arm. The camera cuts back to just the shot of Steve Harken.

    STEVE HARKEN: You did a-okay.

    Wes looks down to Lila's stomach to feel it over her long shirt.

    WES FUTHHAIS: How's Jaga Thunderstorm Harken-Futhhais?

    The camera cuts to a close up of Wes' wrist, Lila grabs it. Cutting to just the pair with Lila looking up sternly at Wes but breaks out her pearly white smile.

    LILA HARKEN: He's not called Jaga you dumb goof.

    And Lila uses her other hand to pinch Wes. He pulls back his arm.

    STEVE HARKEN: Wes, have you ever heard of the Freakshow Dojo?

    The camera cuts to Lila looking to her left to Steve before cutting to a shot between Wes and Steve standing facing one another.

    WES FUTHHAIS: No, why? Is that where you guys are taking me for my birthday? Wait! No! Halloweenie baby, we spooking it up?

    Wes' wide and exciteable expression is met with worried looks. Lila shakes her head.

    LILA HARKEN: No Wes, we've done some research. I don't like what I've found...

    She pulls out her phone and Wes crowds around it, his back to the camera before fading to black.
    WRITER: Steve Harken EDITOR: OrigRosebud
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.
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    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    P R E - M A T C H

    #Robot Chicken - Chupacabra Rap#

    Jimmy Evans comes out to the ring getting immediately jeered by the crowd for his misspelled Chewbacabra name sprawled acrossed his t-shirt and only antagonises him as he makes his way to the ring. He's met with another boo as he raises both arms up to the crowd and openly verbally berates them back while he waits.

    #Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough#

    Karl Morris steps out of the back in his Mongolian Wrestling gear to receive a cheer until Susan comes out earning the boos. Morris walks with a bit of strut to the ring until Jimmy tries to lunge for him through the ropes. Susan adds fuel to the fire by chatting Karl up to Jimmy with threats that Karl would fulfil. Karl turns to her to try and stop her and Jimmy allows Karl to step into the ring.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for the one fall.

    Arlen gestures over to Karl Morris.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Introducing first, he hails from Manchester! Please give a warm welcome to Karl...Morris!

    CROWD (CHANTING WITH CLAPS): There's Only One Karl Morris. Karl, Karl, He can chop your nuts off, He can chop your nuts off.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: His opponent tonight is the Terror Typo, The Misspelling of Saint Helen, The...

    Arlen runs out of the ring before Jimmy Evans can get a hold of him with the crowd applauding him.

    R I N G - B E L L
    Karl Morris drops Evans with the Mongolian Chop for a one count before a cat and mouse game happens. Susan Morris puts her leg out to trip Jimmy and has him crash into the fans. Karl Morris, from there, rains down with punches to his head and back before sending Evans back into the ring but leaps into the 'Goathug'. Evans throws Karl around until he takes a grand total of ten Mongolian chops which leaves his chest raw red.

    Karl gets the crowd majorly on his side for avoiding the 'Chew Chew Spear Train', Jimmy crashes heavily into the ring post with a spear and nearly loses on a small package. Karl Morris lands a dropkick and then has his whip reversed as Jimmy back body drops Morris. Morris is thrown around to bore the crowd who let him know it. They call Karl the G.O.A.T which infuriates Jimmy and leads him to get hit by the avalanche school boy roll up for a near fall. Karl Morris reflexes are clearly shown by his reversal after he's hip tossed into the corner, drop toe holding Evans into the middle turnbuckle for the bottom rope splash that the crowd oversell as bigger than a cage dive.

    It closes with Karl Morris debuts a Mongolian Chop to the back of the neck and adds a sleeper slam to finish off Jimmy Evans.

    P O S T - M A T C H

    Susan Morris runs into the ring to raise her husbands hand up to the crowd who boo her yet still cheer Karl. Susan shrugs it off as she eyeballs Arlen and says clearly that he's going to be their next big thing before the pair end up leaving.

    TIC TOC: Karl Morris gets that win tonight. Was supposed to be in action against Keenan, got to face Jimmy Evans. A win is a win though.

    TK: You think Keenan is relieved he didn't have to face Karl?
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    The home of Wes Futhhais, Lila Harken and her father Steve Harken in Bardstown, Kentucky. The garage has been converted into a man cave.

    The camera opens to the bathroom of Wes Futhhais. Inside sitting on his toilet is Wes, crossed-legged with headphones on meditating.

    WES FUTHHAIS: Ommmm...Ommmmm...

    Over the headphones the 1960's Spiderman TV Series intro can be heard blaring.


    Wes opens one eye to hear the banging and stands up. The camera films him slowly walk to the door but then notice his nostril. The camera shoots from his waist at his reflection; Wes lifts his nose to look at a stray nostril hair.


    Wes turns to open the door and Lila bursts into the bathroom. She pulls the toilet seat up and heaves into the toilet bowl before crouching down to her knees and tucks her hair behind her ears, heaving again. The camera cuts to Wes cringing and looking away with a face that looks like he sucked on a lemon.

    WES FUTHHAIS: Lils, you gonna make me heave soon...

    Wes looks to the mirror as the camera yet again films his reflection recoil from the sight of the nose hair. The camera cuts to the far corner of the room with Lila on the right hanging on the bowl. Wes with his fist to his mouth resisting the urge to vomit and he storms out of the room. In the bedroom, on the television is 'Ponytailed Paulie' delivering another comment on wrestling.

    PAULIE LEWIS: The Freakshow Dojo? What even is this? A--a--a-a-a school which a Lion man came from against the technical expertise of a student from Harken, are you seriously headlining the match with that tag?

    WES FUTHHAIS (INNER MONOLOGUE): Who cares who he was talking about, Senor Paulie with the ponytail was talking some sense. Harken trained Wezza vs Simba Toborn? Wezzaaaa! Wezzzzzaaa. Wes Futhhais had an idea. That lightbulb above his head would have gone off if it was working and not buried under the to-do pile.

    Wes leans into the bathroom to see Lila just vomit into the toilet bowl again. The camera cuts to a shot of his POV of Lila breathing after it and then a shot of the door frame with Wes' head poking in.

    WES FUTHHAIS: Lils! When we get to good old England, we gotta buy some steakums for the match. Yeah?

    The camera cuts to Lila who vomits again before cutting behind Wes as a hand reaches for his shoulder. Wes turns around and the camera cuts to a headshot of both men: Wes and Steve Harken.

    STEVE HARKEN: Wes, come on. Time to train.

    The sound of Lila breathing after the last sputter has Steve lean in. The camera cuts back to the door frame with Steve Harken leaning in.

    STEVE HARKEN: Oh dear. Lila, do you need anything.

    LILA HARKEN (ECHOED): Mouthwash!

    Steve Harken pulls himself back as he leads Wes through the bedroom. The camera cuts to the television which features a highlight reel with Doctor Steiner on the screen. Leon Do Oro standing victorious over the Masked Mark with Heat Pro Wrestling watermark on the bottom left hand side.

    DR. STEINER: Futhhais, I know your watching. You too can experience my star pupil's wrath come London. You Miami people, watch when a fool meets the wonderful world of Science. Idiocy is no match for ferocity!

    Doctor Steiner slams down the microphone on the ring mat and raises up Leon De Oro's hand before the feed cuts to black.
    WRITER: Steve Harken EDITOR: Booker Tweak
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.

    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    The camera cuts to Penelope sitting at a table with a line of fans waiting to meet her. She greets Matt Travers who pays for her to have a photograph with her. Penelope smiles and puts the money in a bucket with sunshine stickers. Next fan is none other than Will Daniels sporting his Walking Perfection shirt. The cut happens to him paying, money going in the bucket, the two posing for a photo. Cut to money changing hands, Penelope dropping it into her bucket and a photo with Timmy Pearson. Penelope then waves to a brunette at the casino who is watching her.

    PENELOPE: Hello!

    The camera cuts to the brunette who turns her head and stands at the bar with her back to Penelope. The camera cuts back to the blonde who shrugs it off with a happy smile sprawled across her face and greets the next person in charge.

    PENELOPE: Hello! Thank you for coming to see me.

    The camera cuts to see Janet Atkins bundled up in a coat and pressed pants with a pair of glasses on.

    JANET ATKINS:, oh no, I'm actually here to see someone else. Unfortunately this casino is rather distracting and it's quite difficult to find the employee entrance. Could you direct me?

    The camera cuts to Penelope's face as she pulls back in her chair.


    Cutting back to Janet Atkins as she dips her hand into her purse and pulls out a fifty pound note which she puts into Penelope's bucket.

    PENELOPE: Thank You! That's, like, three photos, ummm, ....

    A shot of Penelope sitting at her chair looking for Janet's camera or phone. The camera cuts back between the two girls. Janet gives Penelope a motherly smile and looks up blinking from the light.

    JANET ATKINS: Could we have this photo done in some better light? This is quite damaging for me...sensitive eyes. Just somewhere in the back would be helpful...Sweatheart.

    She holds her eye with her palm.

    PENELOPE: Of course! Ummmm...

    The camera cuts to Penelope standing up from her seat and collects her bucket as the pair of them walk. Janet Atkins follows Penelope to the employee door with a smirk. The cut to Penelope as she swipes her card on the employee door and holds it open politely for Janet to step through. Janet pulls out her phone and poses with Penelope smiling as she takes her photo with the back of the phone pointed to them.

    PENELOPE: You can, like, do a front photo. A selfie!

    The camera cuts to a shot above of the pair posing for the phone. The phone's camera being on the front and reflects the wall behind them. Janet takes the photo and looks over it.

    JANET ATKINS: That's incredible. You're such a sweetheart.

    Penelope's cheeks go rosey as she bashfully smiles back.

    JANET ATKINS: Where is your boyfriend? Cannot imagine he'd leave you alone here.

    PENELOPE: Um, well...

    JANET ATKINS: Is that him?

    Janet Atkins points and Penelope's head turns towards the direction. The camera cuts to behind Penelope as she watches Carlo Walters chatting with Johnny Summers. She turns around with a grossed out look.

    PENELOPE: No, they...

    The camera cuts afar as in the backroom Janet Atkins has vanished.CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.
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    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    P R E - M A T C H

    #Julie Fowlis - Touch The Sky#

    Before Penelope does enter, her music goes soft to mute as she appears in a pre-recorded video with a blue screen behind her. Curls in her hair, natural makeup, moderately dressed.

    PENELOPE: Hello. My name is Penelope...and I entered ACW's tournament to win the Prize money for my brother.

    The blonde, flushed with emotion, nods emphatically.

    PENELOPE: My brother need help. My help, your help. Every match I compete in I am putting all my money towards his surgery. I can't fight in the tournament anymore, but I can ask you to open your hearts.

    She brings her hands together and dips her head.

    PENELOPE: And donate to the website, ummm, here.

    A web address pops up onto the screen which Penelope overlines with her finger.

    PENELOPE: Anything you give will help him. I am fighting for him, join the fight, fight alongside me!

    She punches forward as the entire frame fades to her fist which stays stationary on screen. Her music starts up again. Penelope steps out of the curtain carrying with her a bucket for donations with sunshine stickers on it. Holding it up to the crowd she gives it over to a crowd member to begin collecting donations as she heads to the ring. Penelope slides into the ring to stand up in the ring and thanks the fans already donating to her cause. Beardy, of course, high fives her as she asks for one.

    #R.A. The Rugged Man (ft. Talib Kweli) - Learn Truth#

    Chris Kenway walks out to the crowd with his shoulders being rolled and he shows off his general physique to intimidate Penelope. Kenway has in his hand a beer he finishes up before wiping his mouth with his palm. Eyeballing Penelope; Kenway walks his way down to the ring with a confident swagger stride. He takes his time to feel the ropes and finally leaps up onto the ring apron. Kenway bellows out to the crowd "Let's make some Fucking Money" before stepping through the ropes.

    Arlen Kavanagh stands in the neutral corner between them.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for the one fall. To my left...From Omaha, Nebraska. She is the bringer of Sunshine, the Donna of Donations, please welcome....Penelope!

    Arlen gestures to Penelope who gives the crowd the sweetest of waves. Arlen gives her a clap as do the crowd for her charitable work.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And her opponent. Hailing from Lake Success in New York....Owner of Mohegan Lionsgate. He is Chris Kennnwayyy!

    Kenway smirks as goes for the pose and shows off the clear height and weight advantage by judging how tall Penelope is and holds that height to his chest chuckling. Just before the bell rings, Beardy pulls out of his pocket a fan of the new ten pound notes and a rubber band. He collects them together and goes to Penelope to give her a donation. Penelope is overly touched as the crowd applaud.

    CROWD (CHANTING WITH CLAPS): Good Guy Beardy......Good Guy Beardy....Good Guy Beardy......Good Guy Beardy.....Good Guy Beardy......Good Guy Beardy....

    R I N G - B E L L

    Chris Kenway begins by circling the ring but shakes his head. Kenway rolls himself out of the ring to grab hold of a fan's hat with "Keenan" on it in a clear white font. Kenway reaches into his wrestling tights there to pull out his own mock-up of the hat "Queenan" and puts it on the fan's head laughing. That is when Penelope runs to the back ropes and tope con hilos Kenway onto the floor to a resounding pop. Penelope not only finds her way to her feet but finds the fan's original hat and gives it back to him. The fan, Matt Travers, applauds Penelope and kicks away the other hat.

    Penelope has trouble lifting Kenway up and gets run back first into the ring apron. The impact makes her almost curve backwards and Kenway sends her back inside with a handful of blond hair. Chris gives Matt Travers the evilist look before spotting in the back: Domingo Fabian watching intently. Chris Kenway heads back in the ring and throws a heavy handed punch at Penelope, right at the back of her head. Chris gets her back up and tosses her across the ring in some hairpull hip toss like throw. Penelope lands on her back with a grunt; her forearm holding her back as she doesn't stay on the ring mat too long. Kenway roars as he drives his knee into her mid-section and almost squashes her in the ring ropes, but not before he uses his weight advantage to irish whip her off the ropes. Penelope sails across the ropes with the mustard Kenway put into the whip but expertly slides through Kenway's legs. He reaches down to miss her, giving the blonde a chance to stand back up, and takes a rolling elbow smash to knock him back one foot. Kenway taps his knuckles and puts some venom on his next punch, Penelope ducks it and side steps into an advantageous position at Kenway's side. Penelope leaps up high into the air to power dropkick Kenway on his chest and knocks him back. Kenway takes a moment to grab his breath, however this is time Penelope uses to stand back up as she runs into Kenway with another big dropkick. Chris falls back but wobbles on his feet while Penelope stands up and runs at him again, really putting all her muscle into this dropkick. Kenway falls back and clacks his head on the middle turnbuckle.

    Penelope pulls Kenway out of the corner, the impact turning the lights out on Kenway for a moment as Penelope uses the corner to her advantage. Owning her lucha libre style, she leaps over Kenway onto the middle rope and pushes off, her own corner slingshot press right on Kenway squashes whatever air was left in him and she secures both legs for the cover. But it's not enough, Kenway powers his shoulder off the mat.

    TIC TOC: This mighty Penelope is coming at Kenway with this dropkicks. These dropkicks are just chipping away at him.

    TK: Quite a spitfire tonight, isn't she?

    Kenway stands back up doubled over until Penelope kicks him on the chest to stand him upright. She hits a kick to his abdomen before Penelope gets herself some speed. Bouncing off the ring ropes; she comes to duck a lariat by Kenway and springboards for her guillotine clutch but Kenway turns it into a spinning spinebuster as Penelope is planted back first loudly. Kenway then pulls the money poking out of her top and kneels, counting the donation by Beardy before tearing it, over and over again as the shreds are left on the canvas.

    CROWD (BERATING): What the fuck!?

    MATT TRAVERS: What a dick!

    CROWD (CHANTING): What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick! What a Dick!

    TK: I'm gonna agree. Ripping up money like that, yeah...he's a dick.

    TIC TOC: This is a man who said he'd throw twenty thousand dollars in a blender to piss it away.

    Beardy shakes his head disapproving and Penelope looks at the money on the floor, then at him in sheer shock. Penelope stands back up and socks Kenway in the mouth with her own punch. Kenway steps back holding his jaw but takes another as he steps back towards her. The crowd fully behind her as Penelope throws a toe kick to Kenway's ribs but tries to whip Kenway and finds him staying firmly footed where he is. Kenway pulls Penelope in to turn 180 degress around and throw Penelope with his belly to belly suplex. Penelope holds her back as she bounces off the mat only to be kneed by Kenway. He runs towards her and knees her in the ribs; sending the blonde rolling through the ropes to the outside.

    Beardy tries to keep Kenway in the ring but Kenway still steps past him to go outside. Chris Kenway begins by connecting on Penelope a snap suplex on the outside flooring. Penelope yells as she lands, kicking her foot into the ground from the pain. Kenway takes another look at Domingo before he drags Penelope up and yanks the blonde into a powerbomb hold. The crowd look on with obvious concern as Penelope finds herself hoisted onto a man's shoulders a second time in two shows. Penelope manages to throw her punches hard and heavy down at Kenway, picking up pace with them that leaves Kenway losing his balance. Penelope is able to land on her feet, grab Kenway's head in both hand and land the sit out facebuster on Kenway on the outside. Beardy's count now at a five triggers Penelope to get herself back into the ring but Kenway begins to stir already. Six and seven are counted as he gets his arms and chest on the ring apron before finally sliding back in at eight only for Penelope to have begun a run at the far ropes and baseball slide dropkicks him back out of the ring. Penelope gets the crowd on her side as she runs a second time with a bit of speed, suicide diving into... a backstabber on Kenway! She flies out and latches onto Kenway at his feet with his back to the ring, and falls with her momentum for an amazing backstabber that has the crowd on their feet.

    CROWD (CHANTING): Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

    TK: That was cool.

    TIC TOC: The most accelerated double knee backbreaker in pro wrestling.

    Kenway is dragged up by Penelope as she manages to hold his upper body over her shoulders and lets his legs aid in walking him to the ring side. Penelope slides Kenway into the ring before pushing him to fully roll him over. Penelope climbs herself onto the ring apron and looks to go for a slingshot hold. Chris Kenway sits up as Penelope pulls herself into the ring and rolls right on to Kenway's knees as he sits back. Penelope lands seated holding her back as Kenway grabs her in an inverted headlock, pulling her over to pin her to the mat in a half cradle. Penelope kicks out on two and Kenway manhandles her into his own crossface but Penelope grabs the ring ropes before he gets it in. Kenway shoves her away to stand back up. Penelope holds the ropes as she stands until snatched from the ropes by Kenway aggressively lifting her. Penelope is able to tuck and roll through, executing a forward victory roll cradle on Kenway with both legs hooked. Kenway is able to pop out of the hold, freeing both shoulders from under Penelope's legs. Penelope immediately applies her own full nelson hold on Chris who refuses Beardy's question about tapping. Kenway clamps his arms down to break Penelope's grip and back headbutts her. Penelope rolls away holding her face.

    Chris slowly gets back up and runs at Penelope in the corner consoling her nose to clobber her with his running battering ram like elbow smash on Penelope. She begins to flop forward but Kenway catches her and throws her over with a clear display of his strength. Penelope flies over and crashes on her back from the t-bone suplex. Chris Kenway crawls over to cover Penelope but he's left a little shocked as she pops her shoulder up to kick out.

    TK: Manhandling her. Just throwing her around.

    TIC TOC: Yes...but Kenway's seeing a true heart and determination by this young girl from Omaha. The little guy fights back!

    Chris drags Kenway up and lands a harsh european uppercut that sends Penelope into the ring ropes. Kenway uses her as a training dummy by unloading a select combination on her ribs. Kenway does it a second time after resetting Penelope, this time causes Penelope to double over and try to walk away. Kenway instead pulls her head under his arm and lifts Penelope upside down, prancing her around the ring in a vertical suplex delayed. Kenway checks his wrist like a watch before dropping Penelope down on her back before he looks to the crowd at Domingo. Kenway drags Penelope up again and plants her firmly in between his legs for the standing headscissors. A pat on her behind really draws in heel heat for Kenway as he hoists Penelope up onto his shoulders. Penelope throws her own combination. Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Thunderous hooks onto Kenway's head before a hurricanrana for the end. But Kenway is able to burst out of the pin.

    Kenway gets himself up with his head slightly cut from Penelope's knuckles tearing at him. He blinks as the blood begins to cloud his vision. Penelope comes off the ring ropes to dropkick Kenway on his knees, taking him down as Kenway flapjacks face first into the mat. Penelope looks to the crowd and then leaps onto Kenway with her legs squeezing his waist and she bends his arm in a hammerlock, the far arm which she pulls up. Kenway bellows out in pain and worries about his shoulder separating. His eyes becoming glazed over with his own crimson blood. Blindly, he stands back up and runs Penelope into the ring ropes, as he bounces off the second run squashes Penelope in the corner, loosening her grip. Kenway walks away before running back in to fully free himself of the Penelock.

    Chris wipes his eyes as he steps away from the corner. Penelope leaps onto the second ropes and bravely pulls herself onto the top rope as Kenway turns around. Kenway ducks and runs towards her as she dives off sticking the land. Kenway grabs hold of her for a sharp and snap german suplex that leaves Penelope landing on her shoulders and head. She then rolls onto her feet groggy as Kenway stands back up and picks Penelope up into a fireman's carry looking for the facebuster, but it's Penelope who turns it into a DDT at the last minute; spiking Chris Kenway on his head.

    TK: What a counter! That girl avoided becoming a dropped stock.

    TIC TOC: Kenway dropped with some authority as well, you gotta cringe as you heard that thud.

    Penelope manages to turn over and drape an arm over Kenway. Beardy counts on the lifeless Kenway but he gets his shoulder off the mat at 2.5. Penelope sits up holding her back as Kenway rolls over and drops begin to fall into the ring mat. Slowly he stands back up onto his knees where Penelope goes for a dropkick but gets caught by Kenway in both legs. He stands up while taking a knuckle sandwich on his wound and begins to shake Penelope from side to side aggressively. Kenway catapults Penelope into the corner as she luckily lands on the second rope until Kenway takes hold of it, bending forward to collect Penelope on his shoulders and walks around with her in an electric chair drop until he catches eyes with Domingo. Chris violently drops Penelope down onto her back in the middle of the ring before Kenway back somersaults onto his feet dragging Penelope with him. Penelope is lifted back up for a German Suplex and thrown across the ring.

    With Penelope in the corner blinking irrationally, Kenway runs into her for a big knee lift to her mid-section as Penelope is put in prime position. Kenway gets her into a butterfly hold but Penelope shakes free and monkey flips Kenway into the corner in a single legged tree of woe. Penelope begins by running into the ring ropes and it looks like she's building up some speed before cannonballing into Kenway for a thunderous impact. Kenway collapses down in the corner and begins to use the ropes to get back to his feet. Penelope goes for her second try at the monkey flip but Kenway has too firm a grip of his lifeline; the ring ropes. Kenway wraps his free arm around her head and hoists Penelope up into another vertical suplex as he walks away from the ropes and crashes Penelope down. He now turns over to drape an arm over Penelope but as Beardy's hand goes down, Penelope's shoulder flies off the mat to stay alive.

    TK: I've lost count how many times Kenwa has dropped her on her back, girl just keeps coming back for more.

    TIC TOC: Penelope is fighting for family. I don't know about you, TK, but that's a heck of a driving force. Oh right, Arlen takes care of you.

    TK: It's temporary.

    Penelope is dragged up by Kenway as he's short on breath. Kenway gutwrenches Penelope but the lift is fought and Penelope picks the lock to escape seemlessly into a russian legsweep try. Kenway runs forward with Penelope into the ring ropes as Penelope's speed is shown, she gets ahead and tries to perform a rope shiraniu. Kenway lets Penelope get up and twists around to catch her in mid-air with a seated spinebuster. The crowd begrudgeingly give Kenway an applause for the innovative spot but burst out with a cheer as Penelope kicks out.

    TK: What a counter by Kenway, fucking lovely that was.

    TIC TOC: Credit where it's due.

    Chris watches as Penelope leans forward to get into a crawling motion and hand by hand, she draws herself to the ropes Kenway pushes off his knee after pinching between his eyes to remove blood. Kenway stands up just as Penelope climbs up to her feet and hangs onto the ropes. Kenway approaches her and takes a quick toe punt kick to his gut to back him away. Kenway clenches them with his hand but goes right back to the small blond; she gets another kick to his mid-section before winding up. Penelope twists her hips back and clobbers Kenway on the cheekbone with an elbow smash. The impact and momentum has Penelope walk out of the ropes and Kenway topple backwards. Penelope runs into Kenway and performs the lucharific wheelbarrow before aiming to tranisition into something. Kenway reverses it into his back suplex try but Penelope rolls backwards to land on her feet. With her hands wrapped around his waist; Penelope runs into the ring ropes for an O'Conner roll up, but Kenway hooks onto the ring ropes meaning Penelope rolls without Kenway. Chris wipes his eyes and turns into Penelope as she judo throws him right onto his head not his shoulder.

    Kenway lays out with the fans of ACW cheering the spot as Penelope gets the final cover before the bell rings.

    TIC TOC: Penelope gets the victory here in the end after crashing, the little yellow riding hood gal makes Kenway crash hard.

    TK: I get the pun, I get it.

    P O S T - M A T C H

    The music plays in the arena again as we find Penelope sitting up against the ring ropes. The few in the crowd give her an applause, Matt Travers, Domingo Fabian offers a slight clap. She then rolls out the ring to go and thank the fans. Chris Kenway slowly removes himself from the ring and says a few crass obscenities back at the crowd while leaving himself.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Lizzie but I am a right softy for people with a good heart.

    Arlen gets himself back into the ring as he fishes out of his wallet five twenty pound notes.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: So I'm going to donate to you, Love.

    Arlen says passing over the money to Penelope but pulls it away as she goes to take it nicely.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: But, what I saw here tonight, Love. That was bloody spectacular. But the question is....was it perfection?

    He gestures curious to Penelope as he hands over the money. Penelope thanks him looking quite curiously back at him until another fan in the crowd; Will Daniels pops up with a Will Neilson T-Shirt: Walking Perfection. Penelope nods her head towards the fan, she then thanks Arlen a second time before hugging him and thanks the fans again as she collects her bucket and places Arlen's donation into it before heading out of the ring and backstage.

    TIC TOC: Your bro just setting up Will Neilson vs. Penelope Woods. What's that going to be like?

    TK: Don't rightly know, Tic Toc. Could be one to watch.

    WRITER: OrigRosebud & ssWolf23 EDITOR: OrigRosebud
    LIVE SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as on-camera and thus your character will have complete knowledge of what happened here.

    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    The camera opens to Domingo Fabian at the doors of the superstars changing room inside the casino on his cellphone. Dressed sharply in a suit with a hanging golden necklace.

    DOMINGO FABIAN: No, no. I just saw the gringo lose to una pequeñita....

    The camera cuts to shoot Domingo at the far right of the frame. The door swings open to cover Domingo completely as Chris Kenway steps out frustrated.

    DOMINGO FABIAN: "What a Dick"

    Domingo gestures to Chris Kenway. The camera cuts to film Kenway stop and drop his bag. He turns around to spot Domingo and clenches his fist.

    CHRIS KENWAY: What did you say?

    DOMINGO FABIAN: Wasn't me who coined it. I believe it was a, how you say, superfan of a-mister Keenan. Quite catchy.

    CHRIS KENWAY: I got a cool bottle of eighty-year old scotch waiting for me. Keep talking and you'll see I'm a vicious dog.

    Chris stands stretching out his neck and cracks his knuckles.

    DOMINGO FABIAN: Tranquilo. Tranquilo. I am not interested in a fight...between you and I. However..

    Domingo walks towards Chris Kenway to flash him a card. The California Flag design on it with a luchador printed over it as well as the white VIVA letters upon a black background goes right into Kenway's pocket.

    DOMINGO FABIAN: You vs. the Keenan man, money vs money. I wish I could say I booked that for VIVA, however, it appears Kavanagh has beaten me to the bridge and booked you against him.

    CHRIS KENWAY: About time. I don't need to waste my damn time with Sunshine girls looking for handouts. I could easily afford to put that brother of hers through surgery and personally fly the top surgeon to-

    DOMINGO FABIAN: Save the stories for the cheap harlots whose panties you wish to drop. Beat Mr. Keenan and by twenty-eighteen you could find yourself in the main event of our show. In Cali, much better weather.

    Domingo walks off as Kenway clenches his fist until a brunette bumps into him.

    CHRIS KENWAY: Watch where your!

    Kenway spins around and a feminine hand plants itself on his chest. A girlish giggle as the camera reveals Emily in the building, even more tipsy.

    EMILY: I'm Sooooo Sorry.

    Emily begins to wipe down his shirt with a napkin. Kenway looks her over.

    CHRIS KENWAY: Didn't get a drop on me, what's your name?

    EMILY: Em. Ems. Emma. Emily! Emily.

    Cutting to an afar shot of Kenway and Emily conversing shows Domingo back on his phone.

    DOMINGO FABIAN: Tell your sister I wish her the best and good luck against your opponent...Mr. Keenan. Do remember I wish for a Champion of Status and compitence. The Battle of Kenway/Keenan I'll be paying very close attencion to. Adios.

    WRITER: Tassler
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.

    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    The camera opens to Dante Walker walking about the halls. A shot above shows him making his rounds before he's abruptly stopped by Miguel.


    Miguel raises his chin up and gives Dante the come hither finger. The camera cuts to Dante as he opens up his coat to pull out a packet he hands over to Miguel.

    DANTE WALKER: Your boy Arlen invested a ton in that new bling he's got.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: My money exactly. But what that Fool seems to just let slip through his fingers is that 'Bling' could go to Tyler Hart. Who plans to retire with my Japan...Japan!

    Miguel throws his arms up into the air as he then pulls out the packet a few stacks of paper. The camera cuts to reveal them as an account detailing expenditure by A. Kavanagh and a photo attached via paperclip to the final piece featuring Tyler Hart cuddling a japanese woman with dark hair. A checkered shirt over a white t-shirt with a black skirt.

    DANTE WALKER: Yeah, I heard he was gonna throw it in after he won it..

    The camera cuts to film a low shot up at Dante and Miguel. Miguel shakes his head.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: No. No no. This. This cannot happen. That hombre will not walk off in the sunset with my money.

    Dante squints his eyes a little bit before looking at Dante.

    DANTE WALKER: You want me to.

    Dante whistles as he grinds his knuckles into his other hand.

    SUSAN MORRIS: Don't get your hands dirty, Dante.

    The camera cuts to film Miguel's torso. He steps aside to see Susan Morris prancing towards them with her blue dress and hair redone to perfection.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: Who are you exactly?.

    She stands opposite the two men with a pronounced stance.

    SUSAN MORRIS: You should know me. I'm a girl who doesn't like Tyler Hart and I feel since he cost my husband his rightful spot in this tournament...he shouldn't be in it either.

    The camera zooms in to Miguel's face looking at her with an emotionless stare before his head pops up with a smile as he turns to Dante.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: I like here. Si, I like here.

    Dante coughs as Miguel looks back at Susan. Miguel sharply turns to Dante Walker.

    DANTE WALKER: You want me to do what exactly...Bust his knee caps before the bell?

    Miguel chuckles silently and wags his finger.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: No. No, no no no, D. I have something better in mind...

    The camera films Miguel at the left and Dante to the right as they turn their attention to Susan Morris. The camera cuts to film back from Susan's slender shoulder at Miguel stepping forward stroking his chin.

    MIGUEL LUTERO GARCIA: How convinenient you have such dark hair....

    WRITER: Tassler
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.
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    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    The camera opens on Sister Lucille's face, smeared with paint and dirt as her eyes dart side to side. The camera cuts to just behind her head as she pops her head around the backstage area on a door.


    She stands then at the door as the camera pans past her to see Beardy and Chezzah checking out a football game on the television mounted to the referee lounge wall. A cut back to her as she looks visibly disappointed.

    SISTER LUCILLE: Where are you, Tricky Nicky....JUDGEMENT DAY...Come out and play-ay.

    Behind her clicking a six pack of beer bottles together walks Nathan Jordan up to Sister Lucille. She smells his cologne in the air like a dog before stopping him in his tracks.

    SISTER LUCILLE: Do you know where I can find Nick?

    The camera films the pair from a downed angle to make each seem larger than life. Nathan still has the height over Lucille.

    NATHAN JORDAN: My client Nick is safely away from the fan girls.

    Lucille shows her hand, black nails as if she's about to scratch.

    SISTER LUCILLE: Admire Nick? No no, no no no. I have something else...

    She squeezes her hand into a fist as if crushing an invisible object in her hand. Nathan takes a large step back and turns his body slightly.

    NATHAN JORDAN: Whatever you have; keep it, Doll. Nick has got to be focused on tonight.

    SISTER LUCILLE: I WILL NOT. He harmed me. I faithfully serve Branson.

    Nathan clicks his fingers and points towards Lucille.

    NATHAN JORDAN: Oh right. You were the girl he dropped. My sincerce apologies. Nick's been in a number of fights, he just sees red and reacts.

    He pulls out one of the bottles and offers it to her. Lucille takes the bottle by the neck and throws it down on the floor. Nathan steps back from the glass smash.

    SISTER LUCILLE: Does he bleed red too? When sacrificed!?

    AJ WINTERS: Stang does.

    Lucille glares and blinks, opening her eyes looking to her right. The camera pans to reveal AJ sitting on a crate in the distance, stepping off and coming into the foreground with the other two.

    SISTER LUCILLE: I don't care about serpents. Right now.

    AJ WINTERS: I do. I also care more than you two will ever know about the money at stake. So there's no sacrifices, there's no revenge. I've got to team with Younger and Nick and we're going to win at the end, got it?

    Sister Lucille shrugs and walks away. The camera cuts to the hallway she's walking down as she drops her hands into clear fists. The camera then cuts back to AJ and Nathan as AJ lowers his head and raises his eyebrows. The camera pans down to AJ's hand extended out for a handshake, but Nathan closes one eyes as he shakes his head. He slowly turns on his heels to head off in the opposite direction.

    WRITER: Tassler
    CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.

    A warehouse wrestling school draped in carnival colors. Inside sits a ring for training purposes. Nicky Starr trains the trainees of the dojo but it's primarily operated by Doctor Steiner.

    The Video opens up in a warehouse, where Trainees are leaving, grabbing their bags and unpacking the ring as their instructor assists them. As they do this, the Camera zooms into a curtain on the furthest side of the room, going inside, past a big metal door, which lays inside. Inside, there’s a laboratory, with vividly coloured inventions shining on Camera as Dr Steiner, along with his caged and well-pampered star, Leon De Oro, appear on Camera.

    DOCTOR STEINER: Ah…Welcome…to the abode of Dr. Steiner…and my all star creation, Leon De Oro. I know why you’ve come and I shall speak to you about it but first I must ask you a question of my own…

    His glasses go white reflecting the light before his eyes are once again visible; Doctor Steiner readjusts his glasses.

    DOCTOR STEINER: Do you men…believe in science?

    The camera men give a firm Yes, audible enough on the camera as Steiner simply laughs at the men, Leon De Oro giving the crew a stern yet hunter-esque look, as if he’s ready to pounce at any time.

    DOCTOR STEINER: The science you simpletons know is just the basic stuff, you’re rockets and hydrogen bombs are nothing more than mere five minute jobs compared to what I…have and will continue to create…in this cage is nothing more than proof of that, months and months of training…leading up to one opportunity, a chance to showcase off my experiment…the perfect specimen to showcase to the world...and we did that against a little fly, a man who thought he could fly as far as a pesky insect…instead, Leon crushed him, just like the insect he thought he was…

    Steiner stops for a minute as an of chains moving around can be heard, Leon De Oro pulling and pushing the chains, attached to some weights, back and forth as he trains for his match up.

    DOCTOR STEINER: Leon De Oro is my “Weapon of Mass Destruction”, a man filled with a Hunter’s ability, aspect and skills…a man who can bring his prey to their knees and pray for mercy…only to strike them down…and end them. Leon De Oro deserves better ‘prey’, something more elegant and worthy of the hunt…I deserve to see my ‘creation’ take on someone on a better standing than the last waste of DNA was….We’ve travelled up and down the U.S.A, training and fighting the ‘best’ different companies could give us and now…ACW gave us a man who Leon De Oro easily dismantled so I searched for someone…a Man with eyes on him, with some potential to be a challenge…and all I could find was Wes Futhhais.

    Steiner puts his hand on his face, face palming at the fact that Wes is his creations test until….


    The loud roar from De Oro prompts Steiner to talk, as if he understood the ‘creature’ and what he was trying to say.

    DOCTOR STEINER: Wes Futhhais, a man who entered the ACW Jackpot tournament…and lost…Someone who couldn’t even get through his own test...His endurance test. Wes, I chose you because you had something other men didn’t have…Time. With the tournament out of the way, you had more time on your hands than any other person…You have nothing going for you and as I see it, you are obstructing the progression of the beautiful science of Dr. Steiner! This Test will showcase the skills Leon De Oro has picked up, his senses and hunting ability will be showcased…and you will be ripped to shreds by my creation…and that roar you heard…that ferocious roar that you’re camera picked up…it was a warning…because Leon De Oro means business this week…he wants to win, to tear you to shreds…He wants to become the Alpha of ACW and he won’t let a Beta such as yourself stop him…

    Wes Futhhais…You’re nothing more than a footnote in the memoirs of Dr. Steiner…and stepping stone for the Hunter known as Leon De Oro…and an experiment to the wonderful world of Science…Now, take your leave and never speak of this place again.

    The Camera crew leave, cutting the feed as they enter the doorway, with Leon De Oro’s chain pulling being heard in the background as the video comes to a finish.

    WRITER: Forrest EDITOR: Booker Tweak.
    LIVE SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as on-camera and thus your character will have complete knowledge of what happened here.
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    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    P R E - M A T C H

    #Hyuna - Bubble Pop#

    As the first Bubble Pop is heard, We see Wes' anime caricature turn around with a white top hat and matching prom dress suit. Suddenly he appears on the stage dressed exactly the same before reacting like a fan, yelling "What!?" to the crowd. Wes slowly heads his way down to the ring marking out on his own entrance before he rolls himself back into the ring.

    #Kevin Rudolf - In The City#

    Led by Doctor Stener by a chain leash, Leon De Oro comes out and waits patiently and calmly on the stage as Doctor Steiner uses a key on his key-ring to unlock the chain leash. Leon stretches his neck and then follows Doctor Steiner down to the ring, looking away from the crowd at the rampway before leaping onto the apron and steps into the ring like a lion, over the bottom rope on all fours, rolling over to stand up and roar to the crowd. Then a roar at Wes to intimidate his opponent.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for the one fall. To my left...From Bardstown in Kentucky. He is the Meshuga of Melee! The Bobcat of Brawls...

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: The Furiosa of Fights...The Sniper of Scraps, the Swindle of Swedges. Hagendas Honcho who's all macho. Give it up for...Wes...FUTHHAIS!

    Wes nods with his fist up in the air, tapping his head to tell Leon he's got smarts.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And his opponent. Accompanied to the ring by the lovely Doctor Steiner....This man is the First Graduate from the Freakshow Dojo. He's part man, part beast, the Weapon of Mass Destruction!....Leon De Orrrrooo!

    Leon roars to the crowd and controls the ring, pleasing Doctor Steiner.

    R I N G - B E L L

    The match up begins with Wes rolling out of the ring and collecting an old chair from under the ring. The crowd begin to chant "Vintage Chair Shot" as Wes collects both a whip and of course an Indiana Jones high crowned fedora hat. Wes started the match up by literal lion taming to Leon De Oro which immediately pissed off Steiner, believing he was mocking his creation. But the whip is eventually caught by Leon in his teeth and Wes is pulled in for the first actual wrestling move; a headlock.

    Wes demonstrates his technical ability, his tools from Steve Harken and out wrestles Leon in technical chain wrestling, getting the better of the exchange every time and hitting Leon with a southern lights suplex but asks the fans what they thought. This allows Leon some immediate and sharp words from Steiner. Leon takes control of the match with a running frankensteiner that spikes Wes into the mat and begins minutes of beating down and mauling Wes with sharp strong-style strikes. TK and Tic Toc both loving the Liontamer move by Leon but only gets him a two count.

    Leon gets countered by a Japanese arm drag from Wes and Wes heads outside of the ring to pull out some Kentucky own steak he uses to try and get Leon to take the bait. Leon's lion splicing entices him with Wes tossing it to Leon before dropkicking steak into Leon for a cheeky spot. Leon comes back at Wes as if steam was bursting out of his ears. Leon delivers a running big boot to Wes followed by the first spike DDT onto steak. This earns Leo the "That's too far" chant.

    Steiner has Leon send Wes outside and holds Wes by the face to berate him for his earlier liontaming, emphetically telling Wes that he belongs to Science. Wezza T stands back up and the crowd chant Fuck him up Wezza, fuck him up. But it's Wezza who gets it by a surprising release german suplex from Leon that has the crowd pop from it. Wes is returned to the ring but manages to just kick out.

    Futhhais tries to amount a comeback on three occasions, every time The Golden Lion aka Leon de Oro dangan bombs Wes, picking him up like an inverted body slam but turns him so he powerbombs him. A few fans chanting: "Leon, Leon Leon Leon, Le-on, Le-on". But Steiner begins to bite at his hand in annoyance that his creation cannot put Wes away. Wes is put onto the top rope for the planned finish by Steiner's direction. Calling for the Sinister Franken-Father move. Leon runs from corner to corner of the ring, leaping onto the top rope but his frankensteiner move fails as Wes proves his strength and bombs Leon down onto the mat to the pop Leon would have got for completing his move. The crowd give Wes a "Lovely jubbly job, Wes! You've done another good bloody job" chant.

    Leon landed on his upper back and head and could be out. Wes believes he has to do one more to really ensure victory. Wes swanton bombs onto Leon De Oro and just to add definitive security over his win. Wes crosses the arms and kneels over the arms. Crosses the Golden Lion's legs up and tucks them under his arm before pulling back to pin the shoulders and win the match.

    TIC TOC: An incredible bomb and Wes showed some signs of intuitive thinking to tick ever damn box to get the win. He took no chances letting the Lion kick back out.

    TK: Yeah but if you think about it; Specks out there called for Leon to do that big move and it backfired on his "Star pupil".

    TIC TOC: Very true, man, good catch, TK.

    P O S T - M A T C H

    Wes earns rolls back onto his knees as he heads out of the ring to enjoy a celebration with the fans before Penelope comes down to the ring to congratulate him on his win as well. The pair leave before Doctor Steiner comes into the ring and collects Leon with a control pole and brings him backstage, saying to Leon "We must fix those errors..."

    TIC TOC: What the hell does that mean?

    TK: I don't know. I don't wanna know. I'm better off not knowing.
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    The Casino features an Aladdin like character dressed in the prince robes. The doors blue glass and grand in size. The building large in size featuring five floors. A hotel above the casino which houses a number of games and the office and staff area located on a basement level. Lastly an open room which is typically rented out for expos and wedding parties. Owned by Miguel Lorenzo Garcia and opened in 2005 in London. It has a strict policy of banning card counters for life and has been robbed on one occasion, the robbers were apprehended an hour later. Security since the robbery in 2011 has been tightened and overseen by Dante Walker.

    Janet Atkins can be seen walking backstage towards a locker room door from the afar hallway. She looks on the door as the camera cuts to a close up of the door: Darius Luten. Atkins opens the door to an empty room but steam flowing in from the shower.

    JANET ATKINS: Well, well, well. You can clean yourself up, dirty bird.

    Janet slowly steps into the adjoining bathroom where she finds her glasses glazing over in steam. She takes them off as the camera cuts to her POV. A male figure with dark hair showering in the nude with barely any focus.

    JANET ATKINS: Hello, Derriere-us.

    And she reaches forward. The camera cuts to see her reach and grab the male's buttocks before the man turns around.

    THOMAS KAVANAGH: Whoa-ay-up!

    He jumps forward. Janet wipes her glasses with her jacket and puts them on before recoiling in surprise. Thomas grabs his towel to cover up his lower half.

    DARIUS LUTEN: Touching up boys in the shower?

    Darius walks in with his fingers laced and a smart phone in his pocket.

    JANET ATKINS: What is going on?

    THOMAS KAVANAGH: I was just taking a mid-show shower, Lutes lemme us his. I didn't realize old broads were going to be touching me or nothing.

    DARIUS LUTEN: Best you get yourself gone, Thomas.

    The camera films from another camera with a text mark: Darius-Cam-00 as Thomas walks himself away after gathering his clothes up.

    JANET ATKINS: Delete the footage.

    DARIUS LUTEN: I would never delete this footage. 'Specially because it has me gloating my nefarious victory. The command should be to keep the footage quiet, no?

    The camera cuts to Darius circling around Janet from her POV with a smugness walk and expression.

    DARIUS LUTEN: I do have a match tonight, so I will be dealing with you back in Cali. Stop by the Long Zipper Club to discuss the terms and conditions of our new hushed agreement.

    Darius steps back and adjusts his collar.

    DARIUS LUTEN: Now if you don't mind, I would like to use my shower. Out.

    The camera films from the Darius-Cam-00 as Janet storms off before cutting to Darius pulling out his phone. The camera cuts to the feed: Daris-Cam-01 that films Penelope and Wes Futhhais at different stands with a few lines of fans waiting to meet them.CANON SEGMENT: This segment is filmed as off-camera and thus your character will have no knowledge of what happened here unless they were involved.
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    The Casino wrestling features black ring ropes encompassing the ring size 18' by 18'. The fans seated around the ring are separated by a small space. There exists no ring steps for the ring and the turnbuckles are made of a full pads with ACW written on each pad. The guard rails around the ring are chained together by security and ring crew.

    P R E - M A T C H

    #Sasuke's Revolution Theme - Junkyousha#

    Out comes Nick alongside Nathan Jordan whom proudly welcomes out AJ Winters. Branson Younger and Sister Lucille however enter through the crowd along with a few members who look like they've had a rough life, allowing those to take a seat. The all yell in unison: "Bless Her! Bless Prophecy and her soldier". AJ Winters dawns an Alpha Psi Omega towel around his shoulders on this occasion as the trio of him, Jordan and Nick head to the ring. Nathan between them to keep Nick focused on the win. Nick slides into the ring first as goes Sister Lucille who stares him down with a venemous look. Nathan calls Nick to not do anything hasty and AJ Winters is the man in the ring next to keep the pair separate. Lucille takes a whiff of AJ and in part of his squeaky clean demeanor makes her gag. Branson enters next with Lucille holding the ropes open for him and has a moment where he talks down to AJ and Nick to clear space for him to call and owe the match to Prophecy.

    #The Constellations - Perfect Day#

    As the music begins to play out. The trio step out fully united with Stang, Darius and Hart looking out over the crowd. Together they walk down to the ring. Stang shrugs at AJ who gives him a stern look while Nick is being kept back by Nathan upon sight of Darius. Lastly Tyler Hart and Branson have a peculiar stare down before revealing on his forearm. Where Compound was written now reads Stang Style. Branson almost felt vile in his throat at the sign of such audacious change of sides before El Ref, the official has Beardy and Chezzah come down to cause a referee picket line. Darius, Stang and Hart step into the ring and stare down their former partner from the show before.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest....

    But Nick shoves Chezzah aside into Beardy with Darius catching the man he called a Tasmanian Devil with the gut kick. AJ catches Stang with the elbow smash and the match up begins with a brawl. Arlen gets out of dodge and decides there and then to call.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Fucking hell. Make it a bloody tornado tag match....

    Earning a cheer as El Ref calls for the ring bell.

    R I N G - B E L L

    AJ punches Stang into the corner where his first try to ram his shoulder into Stang's mid-section is met with a knee lift. Nick back body drops Darius on his running punch for Maya. Branson Younger and Tyler Hart have a different confrontation as Younger chastises Tyler for his change, ranting on at him. AJ is met with another knee to the chest and Stang puts AJ on the middle rope by the neck before kicking AJ in the back of the head to choke AJ against it. Stang turns to the crowd to shout "Stang Style!" after the move. Nick instead DDTs Jackie Stang in the middle of the ring, to the man who fed him the girls to DDT last show. Branson headbutts Tyler for his ignorance and Hart slaps Younger hard on the chest before Nick almost rips Hart away from Younger for a DDT. Hart wriggles free and roundhouse kicks Nick down onto the mat feeling his jaw.

    CROWD (CHANTING): Tyler's got a steel foot, Tyler's got a steel foot, na na na na, na na na na.

    TIC TOC: That's some hard kick to Nick.

    TK: Why couldn't Hart have done that last show?

    But that's when Branson Younger grabs hold of Hart for his uranage, almost. Branson gets an elbow from Hart but Younger manages to catch Tyler's foot when he goes for a front kick and Winters comes by for a drive by kick to Tyler's one leg to drop him. Younger takes advantage of it; he jumps with a twist to land his senton on Tyler and rolls off before Winters lets Hart roll onto his side and connects with his penalty kick to the back. Darius shoves AJ Winters into Branson who instinctively uranage slams him into the mat, accusing him of attacking him. Nathan tries to tell Younger from the outside the truth but it falls of deaf ears, Branson doesn't want to hear words of a swine. This causes Stang a hug opening to superkick Branson in the belly. Younger drops to his knees, setting him up for Darius with a running single legged dropkick that clacks Branson onto his back. The Domin-oh kick knocking Branson down and out of the ring.

    Nick turns Darius around to get his in, punch to Stang, punch to Darius, rinse and repeat with the crowd popping to each shot. Nick builds up speed with them before Hart runs off the ropes for a heavy dropkick that knocks Nick into the ring ropes, leaning on the middle rope before all three members, Hart, Darius and Stang superkick Nick in the back of the head before just Stang proclaims to the crowd "Stang Style". Nick takes all three kicks to the back of the head and chokes on the ropes leaving him out on the apron. Darius kicks him out of the ring to leave just one on three.

    AJ Winters, having taken the kick greets Stang's "Stang Style" cheer with what Stang Style is known for, superkicking every-fucking-thing and delivers the traditional superkick to Stang's chin. He pats Stang's chest as Stang had the show before and then ducks the double clothesline from Tyler and Darius to springboard off the ropes and try a double back elbow. But he's caught and dropped into a double person single knee backbreaker! AJ kicks his feet as he feels the impact and Hart pulls his arm up to expose him at the chest. Hart repays AJ with the soccer kick to the back and Darius adds one at the same time to the mid-section. Stang comes back holding his chin and has his partners hold AJ up. Stang holding his jaw and wags his finger at AJ, talking down to him for the kick before Stang delivers a grand total of five back to back superkicks on AJ's abdomen and then tries to bring AJ into a suplex. Stang has Tyler and Darius lift up Winters. As they lift up his legs, it's Branson and Nick grabbing Darius and Tyler respectively from out of the ring and drag them to the outside. AJ Winters lands on his feet and picks up Stang into a fireman's carry before throwing him forward for the double knee gutbuster as both men lay on the mat holding their guts.

    TIC TOC: It's so hard to keep your eye on the action.
    Branson and Darius, Nick and Hart on the outside. AJ and Stang down from each other.

    TK: Tornado rules just make the whole concept on another level.

    Branson lays into Darius with two punches before he sends Darius head first into the ring post. Nick clubs at Hart's neck before he hip tosses Hart away and comes face to face with Branson. Behind Nick, sneaking up on him is Lucille whom gets onto his back like a raptor, biting at Nick's ear and tries to cut his forehead. Branson looks on at her and turns a blind eye to let her do as she wishes. He takes to the ring as Nick flops Lucille over onto her back. Nick slides back into the ring to confront Branson about just walking away with a shove. Branson doesn't take too kindly to it as AJ Winters comes up crunched over holding his gut trying to get them to cool their jets. Nick turns to Winters and mutters something about AJ not giving a damn about them and shoves AJ back. AJ shoves Nick back and tells him he needs them both to win. Branson Younger tries to educate them both on how their fools but gets double shoved by Winters and Nick. Amongst the bickering, Stang stands back up, Darius climbs back in and Hart rolls back in as all three men turn an opponent around and lay them out with a DDT. A triple pin cover happens. El Rey, Beardy and Chezzah all count respective pins but AJ kicks out as Stang pins him, Nick kicks out of the pin by Darius and Younger kicks out on the pin by Hart.

    Tyler kicks Nick out and Stang pushes Branson out so Darius can have one on one time with Nick. He keeps Nick on his knees and drops a few punches on him, a kick and a knee here and there to Nick before Lucille gets in to join in, adding kicks to Nick with Darius, Stang and Hart looking at her perplexed. Lucille gets shoved away by Nick before Stang lands on him a spicy superkick to the back and Darius comes on top of him with a leg drop. Hart runs at the ring ropes like a torpedo, flying out at Branson and AJ who manage to catch him. Darius, however, is a different story as he planchas out onto the pile and flattens AJ and Branson on the outside.

    Stang yanks Lucille away and she looks at him with a grimace look upon being in the ring with the man who fed her to Nick. Lucille goes to attack Stang but is back body dropped only for Nick to knee Stang in the mid-section and follows up with the spike DDT, causing Stang to roll out of the ring. Re-entering would be Tyler Hart as he misses Nick with the roundhouse but after taking a gut kick, Hart reverses out of the DDT into a dragon sleeper choke hold on Nick to wear him down. Nick's arms flail but nothing is helping him escape a submission expert like Hart, nothing until AJ Winters comes back into the ring but gets caught by a kick from Hart and locks AJ Winters in a front face lock as Hart DDTs AJ while bringing Nick down to the ring mat for the end. Branson Younger, however, prevents the end by climbing up to the top rope and lands a diving headbutt on Hart to a crowd pop, while having to splash Nick, it wasn't much of Branson's concern if he did hit Nick, as long as he protected the win.

    Younger gets back up to pull Tyler Hart up and hits him with a forearm. Branson lays into the second one with a step to knock Hart back into the ropes before he whips Hart out. Hart careens into the other set of ropes and runs into the accelerated back elbow by Branson. He cackles before pulling Tyler Hart up from the mat and spinebusters him into the ring mat hard. He leans to go for the pin but opts to get onto his feet as Darius comes back in. Darius claps Branson's ears and follows up with an open handed bitch slap to Younger that sparks the crowd and leaves Branson bug-eyed and looking at his hand. Branson goes to slap back but Darius and his reactions get the better, leaning aside to avoid it, side stepping the toe kick, slipping under Branson's grapple attempt, only grows Younger's temper. Luten gets Younger into a headlock of his own and lands a punch on the top of Younger's head as Luten goes into the ropes and tries the Domin-oh kick again. Darius' single legged big boot is caught and Branson walks forward to get him in a single legged boston crab. But then Branson leans down to pick up Hart's leg as both men are caught by Younger.

    Stang slides in and rubs his hands at the sight before chanting out "Stang Style" and superkicks Younger in the back of the head to release his partners. AJ Winters slips in and lifts Stang up with a belly to back lift only to finish it off with the backbreaker. Stang lands and rolls away seething at the mouth from the impact. Winters moves quickly behind Hart and delivers the double knee backbreaker which feeds Hart straight to Nick for the snapmare driver! Winters keeps Darius down with an olympic slam, but using AJ now as a step is Sister Lucille whom launches at Nick like a sinister missile and rolls with the man to the outside where Nathan Jordan pulls his sleeves up to assist his client. Winters goes for the pin on Hart but looks at Branson frustrated when Hart pops his shoulder up at two.

    TIC TOC: Just that bit of time, AJ. Took too long and all because Lucille went after Nick.

    TK: What's that woman's deal?

    AJ questions Branson over his lunatic of a follower. Branson calls AJ openly a run of the mill hero which AJ rebuttals by calling Branson a fraud of a hero. This is too far as Branson uranage slams AJ nearly if he hadn't elbowed his way out. AJ turns and ducks Stang's latest superkick so Branson takes it and falls out of the ring.

    Outside, Jordan has his hands around Lucille who is trying to maul Nick. Nick gets back up to see she has cut him above the eye as well as on his mouth. Flipping out, he socks her in the mouth which Nathan Jordan gets between to stop his client killing her. Branson Younger falls through the ropes and Nick goes to attack him if not for Nathan stopping him again.

    AJ catches Stang with a knee lift and whips Stang into the corner. Stang runs out of the way of AJ's shining wizard before Stang flips AJ off. A distraction as Darius Luten comes in on the ring apron to boot AJ and Tyler Hart coming in for the full nelson spanish fly as both men flip over onto their stomach, Hart lifts AJ Winters up in the full nelson camel clutch and before he can seal the deal, Nick comes to AJ's rescue with a European uppercut to the back of the head. Nick is then kicked at the knee by Stang to stop him in his tracks before Stang just goes for it and rubs Nick's face along his groin making Nathan Jordan fear for Stang's life.

    Stang actually encourages Nick to get up, furious, he does into a drop toe hold to land on the middle rope. Stang paint brush slaps Nick's back with hard slaps clearly looking to boil Nick up. Nick climbs up and misses his wild punch. Stang catches the next one and headbutts Nick on the cut. Nick staggers back and lets Stang land slap after slap, left and right on his chest. Nick's at his boiling point and lunges for Stang, but he's cut off by Darius from the outside apron whacking him on the back of the head, feeding Nick to Stang for the stunner. But AJ Winters gets to his feet and dropkicks Darius off the apron into the crowd. Branson comes into the ring and uranage slams Tyler Hart three times before he rolls to the outside and it becomes a two on one situation.

    TK: Stang, you gotta turn around.

    TIC TOC: Taking his shots on Nick, there's others he's forgotten about. Guy's got to watch his back.

    Stang gets hit by lefts and rights from Younger and AJ in a flurry that he can't handle. Backed into the corner he's double whipped into the opposite corner where he bounces off the top turnbuckle into a uranage lift by Branson. AJ leaps onto Jackie with both knees so the uranage is onto the double knee backbreaker. Stang lands and rolls off the knees holding his back. Branson and AJ turn their attention to Tyler Hart who beats them to it. A kick to their legs staggers both men but Branson Younger catches Tyler at the ropes for the body avalanche. Hart is engulfed and prone for the whip into Winters who delivers the monkey flip, Hart flips over fully and splashes Jackie Stang.

    Nick then gets up and is seen wanting to lunge at Stang, however, Stang and Tyler Hart have a little breakdown with shoving each other over the splash and get to their feet, Stang shoves Tyler back into the ropes and goes for the superkick but catches Darius back on the apron. Hart ducks it and walks into the second uranage double knee backbreaker combo by AJ and Branson because Nick wants someone else. Nick fires in and spears Stang into the corner where he lays in an unholy beating on Stang's ribs and torso. Branson Younger has AJ lay out Tyler for the end.

    TK: The Tasmanian devil unleashed.

    TIC TOC: Nick's getting his licks in alright.

    Nick clotheslines Stang out of the ring and flies out with him. Younger goes to the top rope and flies off for a splash but lands on both knees. Branson rolls off as Hart gets back up and takes two forearm shots to the head knocking him into the ropes before the irish whip, Hart reverses it and pulls AJ back into the DDT. No sooner does he deliver this on AJ does the arena PA System play out.

    WOMAN VOICE: Tyler....

    Slowly coming out is a woman in dark hair with her back to the crowd. Long, black skirt with a loose, checkered shirt as a jacket. The back reads "Tyler's Lotus Flower" as Susan Morris reveals herself holding a photo of Hart with a japanese girl dressed identically as Susan. Tyler takes great offense to the display which allows AJ Winters to connect the double knee backbreaker and float Tyler over onto his stomach, setting him up for Branson Younger. However, it is Nick who climbs up the opposite corner and frog splashes down on Tyler for the win.

    TIC TOC: Well what goes around comes around. Nick takes the victory away from Younger there but a win is a win at the end of the day.

    TK: I don't know if Younger sees it like that. Or AJ.

    P O S T - M A T C H

    Nathan Jordan heads back into the ring as he raises up Nick's hand. Branson begins by climbing down and it's there AJ turns his back on Nick, walking away from the ring. Branson goes straight to him where Nathan Jordan pulls his client back. Sister Lucille stares down Nick from the outside where AJ Winters. Arlen outside takes a moment to address the situation before he decides to enter the ring

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: So at last we've got Branson, Nick and Winters. Final three boys.

    Arlen says while Lucille presents Branson his own mouthpiece. Branson takes it and looks to Arlen with an aura of supremacy behind him.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: Kavanagh, act like the fool and try to have us dance like puppets just once more. You know, yes you know it is I who lead the betrodden.

    Branson gestures to the few who stand up that followed him into the building.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: It is I who shall create shelter with your riches for these men and women, so rightly discarded by the rich pigs who find themselves seated here, in this venue. Put against me Nick and Winters and watch me topple them.

    Nick gets forward but Nathan settles back.

    NATHAN JORDAN: A word of advice for business man to....yeah, my client won this match up. I don't care how many men you got camping out over there, arrogance is what makes every leader fall. But Mr. Kavanagh.

    NATHAN JORDAN: This abrupt match change was just too chaotic. I don't feel comfortable with my client Nick competing in a match where that harpie can get to him. I know the rules of this business. Triple Threat means no disqualification and I am not prepared to let Nick risk losing his eyes when Younger has her and who knows what else up there.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: You know what? You're absolutely right. Lucille was quite a chess piece wasn't she?

    Arlen lookis right at Sister Lucille on the outside. A shot of her looking towards him and then yelling to Branson.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: So, for the finals I'm going to say we have a little special match up to make things interesting.

    Nathan pats Arlen on the back and holds him; around the back on his shoulder in a buddy-buddy fashion.

    NATHAN JORDAN: I can read your mind, Mr. Kavanagh. I think a Steel Cage is the perfect match.

    Arlen stammers and shakes his head.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Nah mate and we ain't doing a bloody shark cage match either.

    The crowd give Arlen a small smarky pop for the mention.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Chapter Four, I'm booking AJ Winters to face Branson Younger and Nick in a good, under-rated, scramble style Iron-Bastard Match.

    The crowd pop.

    CROWD (CHANTING WITH CLUBS): Iron Bastard!.....Iron Bastard!.....Iron Bastard!.....Iron Bastard!.....Iron Bastard!.....

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: And as for Lucille, or even yourself, I've decided to have you and Lucille front row but securely fastened to your seats so you can watch, but not touch.

    Branson points at Arlen with a look of grimace.

    BRANSON YOUNGER: You cannot imprison MY people.

    Arlen stands up to Branson and points towards Lucille.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Mate, your jackal of a bird is forcing me hand here, alright. We want this one to be a nice, clean, decisive victory. Dunna like it? Oh well.

    Nathan steps between Lucille and Arlen, bewildered.

    NATHAN JORDAN: I've done nothing, why are you punishing me?

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Just saying, you show up, you'll be secured to your seat. It's my show, I set this up and I put this tourney together, right. We'll have a decisive champion. A clear half a millionaire come Chapter Four so to you gentlemen, I say good luck. Good night and good fight next month.

    Arlen rolls himself out of the ring as he begins to walk up the ramp. On the stage, Darius, Stang and Hart have begun to argue over who is to blame for the loss.

    ARLEN KAVANAGH: Dunna worry guys. Save this disagreement for next month because since those guys are facing one another. You three are going to face one another for the chance to battle against whoever wins that match.

    Arlen points at the winners in the ring as we see a shot of each individual competitor before a shot of Arlen heading backstage to close the show.

    TIC TOC: Your bro just setting up Will Neilson vs. Penelope Woods. What's that going to be like?

    TK: Don't rightly know, Tic Toc. Could be one to watch.
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